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November 06, 2005



I think your arms are just right.


This little guy is very cute!
I am glad you are well and that awful tornado dont't happening in your neighborhood.


Oh, your bear is fabulous! And I think the arms are positioned perfectly.


I love him. I was just going to write you to ask you if the tornadoes were near you.Glad you're ok. We are having "some weather" here right now. Thunderstorms and heavy winds and rain. And I hear lots of sirens. My daughter just told me that the power is out at her school and has been for a few hours. (she's in Upstate NY not far from Syracuse.)


Glad you are not clicking your heels together somewhere chanting There's No Place Like Home. Growing up in Tornado Alley I always comforted myself with the belief that there is always first the Tornado Watch then the Tornado Warning. Not always true, but a very reassuring belief nonetheless.

Thanks for the Jess H. tip. I've loved her robots and didn't know about the book. Now she's out of copies (hurray for her!) but I'll be there when she's got more. xoxo Kay


That looks fun to knit, and turned out very well to boot!


I love your bear and the arms look perfect! I bought the booklet too even though I have no idea how to knit.


I love your little guy! I too wanted to order her book but I have to wait 'til she has more. Great job!


The bear is adorable! I tried to get a copy of that book, but they were all sold. Hopefully I'll get my hands on one when more are available.


I would feel sorry for your bear if his arms were lower, how then would he scratch his ears?
As far as donating your time teaching dissecting owl pellets. We do it online with our science classes. Go here to practice.


Your bear came out great! I got that book too even though I know next to nothing about knitting. The designs are so cute though I have to teach myself someday.
As for what owls eat--I know first hand. My sister used to be involved in a wild animal rescue organization and when I would come to visit, she would put me to work. One of the jobs was getting the frozen mice out of the freezer and putting them on "puree" in the blender. "Mouse pate" anyone? It was how we fed the baby owls.


Oh, he is so cute! And what a lovely sweater, I've always liked stripes. :-)


Lovely knitted creature. Glad to hear you haven't been swept up by a tornado - I did think of you when I heard the news.

I made the medium size of the Sarah Dallas cardigan with a little added body & sleeve length because I'm tall. I reckon I could have made a smaller size though (it's very generous) - or it could be knitted on 6mm needles with a different, lighter yarn.


I love the bear; I think the arms are just fine. :-)
And that is too funny about the owl pellets.


How cute! I love how his head is so big. I have to go check out that book.


What a cute little guy! I just had my first knitting lesson, so maybe I'll be able to do that someday as well?

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