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November 20, 2005



These muffins looks delicious!
Have a great Thanksgiving!
"Bon voyage"!!


When you get some free time I'd love to hear about your muffin recipes. I'm a pretty good baker (in fact I love making pies!) and I can make cookies, bread etc with no problem. My weakness is cakes and muffins. Do you have a favorite recipe? Are all those favorites made from a simple basic recipe? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

BTW, I'm starting to feel the same way about hand quilting. I've also got a bit of guilt about that because I love the look of hand quilting, but I feel like I'd rather spend that time knitting. I still love piecing and applique though! Have a great holiday, Jan!


Where did you take the class? I'm always looking for great fabric places other than JAs. Do you know anywhere local that has the new Heather Ross line of fabrics? And since I'm asking 5,000 questions...would you post the apricot almond muffin recipe?



Oooooh. Muffins. They look fantastic! I love baking this time of year, although I'm the one that does the pies, not muffins. Maybe you'll share your recipes with us at some point. Glad the quilting class was what you wanted.


Yes , I know ! I love !!!


I have a special pumpkin pie recipe that I always make. Between now and Christmas I will probably make between 15 and 20 of these. I keep giving out the recipe, but the request for "my pies" keep coming in. I guess it tastes better if someone else makes it.
I, too, would love the muffin recipes!!! Yummy. But it can wait until you get back. See how patient I am?


Apparently you and the muffin man are well aquainted.


Just how big is your family? Or do they simply have large appetites?

The class sounds great. Can you now graduate from reading about it to doing it?


OMG! I guess lo-carb is not a problem with your family, eh? I would LOVE to just dive into those muffins! They all sound SO delicious.


And it sounds like a quilting class was a perfect break for muffin-baking.
Have a great holiday!


Yum! The muffins look fabulous! :)

Have a wonderful, relaxing holiday.


Good thing my kid doesn't surf yet ... she could live off muffins if I let her! She'd do almost anything for a choc choc muffin (other than spend the entire night in her bed ... sigh).


What are you doing to me here? As I sit with my bowl of rice krispies.

MMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm muffins!
I can smell them from here! I envy you and what appears to be a large (and hungry) family!
Have fun and Happy Thanksgiving!


I wish my family did muffins like that! YUM!


I am a bit of a muffin queen too. But that output is truly inspiring. I am in awe.

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