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June 03, 2005



I still haven't SEEN any here though! Maybe your son will...

If you're looking to get rid of that Kureyon, I want to make one (or more) of those scarves too and yarn sure would make nice cushioning if you wanted to send me another package. Or maybe it will make nice padding in my suitcase after my visit home? Just an idea--there's still time to brainstorm!


When I returned to knitting [ about 15 yrs ago, way before the current knitting craze], I did mostly textured work. Then I discovered Fair Isle. I do my own colorways. This is the closest thing to quilting that one can do except obviously one is working with a different kind of fiber. I've finally decided that my main interest is color and that is what quilts are all about! Last year I did a workshop on Fair Isle and color at my local knitting guild. I had a black and white chart and brought lots of shetland yarn in many colors. Threw all the yarn on a table, selected a background color and then asked people to choose the rest of the colors. The knitters were frozen. The person who stepped forward also was a quilter!
Have a good day!

Wool Winder

Love those hats! Thanks for the link to the pattern source.


I love Kureyon too. The mysterious color changes, the thick and thin. So much adventure in each skein.

Your hats look wonderful. I've been meaning to try out that pattern.


Oh! THanks for the scarf reminder!! I love those hats--the colorists at Noro are geniuses for sure. They put together sequences that seem APPALLING on the surface, but when they're knitted up they are wonderful.
And the Dulaan deadline is approaching--I need to start putting on buttons and zippers...


Jan -- Those hats are so cute! I may need to dig through my bin of Kureyon to make one for my daughter. And I'm so flattered that I had something to do with your getting back into knitting!


The hats are great! I miss Melissa, too!


Oh, my, those are so adorable! It's been a while since I've knit with Noro...now I have the urge again. These hats are perfect with that yarn! How many skeins did you use for each?


I think I started quilting because I love playing with colors that I wouldn't want to wear.

The hats are great. Lots of fun!

(I miss Loose Ends Melissa too.)


I LOVE THE HATS. I have never knit with Noro before, the yarn of my people.


I thought the Fruitstripe gum comment was great. I have no idea what it is, but after reading your post I could imagine it perfectly.


Love those hats! Now, you stop it. I said to myself that I had done my bit for Dulaan for a while, and now you're making me want to do more.


I know this is inappropriate, but the hats are so cute you could decorate with them (send them to Dulaan anyway).


Oh my god they are so cute! Just unbelievably cute. My LYS actually has some Kureyon at the moment, though only about 5 colours and none of them that I am absolutely desperate to get my hands on, so I keep winning the arguement with myself that my stash is big enough at the moment. But oh how those hats make me want to go shopping...


Those hats are wonderful. And they look so cute with the Noro. Thanks for sharing where to purchase the pattern.

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