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June 21, 2005



what a good guy!
what a nice couple!

and, it would appear, the only people on the blogosphere married longer than K and I (23 years).

Well done. I hope you do something special.


He sounds like the right guy;-)
Celebrate well.


Happy Anniversary! Ours is next week (19 yrs) and we have several other things in common- my hubby's name starts with M, we met in high school and also got married 2 weeks after college graduation! Mine doesn't complain about the fabric and yarn either, though he makes up for it with the golf stuff.


Happy Anniversary!!

(And I have to say that great minds think alike! My apron post will be up tomorrow.)


Wow, congrats on 30 years of marriage! We just celebrated our 20th in March. Somehow I don't FEEL that old. Anyway, I hope you do something special together today in honor of the occasion.


Congratulations! 22 and counting here...

Love the aprons...there really HAS been a proliferation of apron posts, eh? That is one really special vintage collection you have there.


Happy anniversary! Since he's a great guy, when I kidnap you and demand your stash as ransom, he'll hand it over.


Happy Anniversary! I think it's MORE than half his life. Can't wait to see you both again soon!


HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! That's wonderful. I love that photo.


Congratulations to you and M who sounds like a good man to wear vintage aprons in front of your children's friends. I am all for men in aprons!


yes M sounds like a great guy.
does he have a little brother?


What you say about M reminds me of your comment about fabric: "If you see it, buy it!"

Luckily you saw M and knew what to do.

The estate sale aprons and the Japanese book are fantastic.

xox Kay


Happy Anniversary! I hope you are able to do something special and truly enjoy each other! Here's to many more happy years!


Happy Anniversary! It sounds like you caught up just the right fella in your apron strings!


Happy Anniversary! I've got a guy like that myself. We are lucky girls!

Teresa C

Congratulations! I think mine must be okay, he has rarely (and certainly not recently) asked if I have enough yarn. I am not sure if he is turning a patient eye or has just given up. Here's to 30 more!


Happy Anniversay! It sounds like a match made in heaven :) I love the aprons, lucky you, so cute, and that's a very cool Japanese craft book too.


Thanks for sharing about the aprons. I love Japanese aprons, especially the type that looks like a painters smock.

Happy Anniversary, here's to 30 more! :)


reading this post of yours from last yr I see your anniversary is approaching again - mine is 2 days later - 33 yrs this yr - we also met in high school, on the bus - married when I finished & then did college together while having babies - sounds like we are both fortunate in the marriage dept - i have to be the apron wearer in my house as I am the designated "toddler" - always ruining perfectly good shirts with grease or bleach splatters - when will I learn - so have started my own collection of utility aprons - when 1 of my daughters asked what I would like for mother's day I asked her to make me an apron from some of my stash because I like the soft quilt weight cotton better then the heavy almost canvas weight aprons available in the stores

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