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May 20, 2005



Sounds wonderful. Hey aren't those the ladies that made a quilt on the show Extreme Homemakeover. They were awesome! I aspire to be an older black woman, they are always so gorgeous, and age more gracefully then any beings on earth, plus they have always been the highlight in my life, well older people in general. I wish I would have gotten to meet my husband's aunt before she passed away, she was a very special lady from what I hear and read about her, Pearl Bailey.

I know this post sounds wierd as I am a 32 year old plain old boring caucasian (okay can't spell that) woman, but it's meant with the greatest respect for all the older women I know.


this post is literally making me cry. tears. ridiculous. first you don't post all week and now it's a weep fest. killing me!


What a fabulous story! You must feel so lucky to have gotten to be a part of that great day, and to have been witness to the lives of these remarkable women! Thank you for sharing!


Wow! What a great day--thanks for sharing the story and photos!


I'm with Carolyn, and I'm not even a quilter. Thanks for the alert about the show at BMFA. That sounds MARVELOUS and a must-see! P.S. You look adorable in your hat.


I love those Gee's Bend quilts, and now I love them even more! What a great experience.


wow! what an amazing experience. I've seen the Gee's Bend quilts everywhere but haven't actually read anything about them yet. I'll have to check out that book. thanks for sharing your story!


Soo wonderful! Those Gee's Bend quilts make my heart melt! I love them...it doesn't surprise me at all that those ladies are spiritual and wonderful and ALIVE! Some of my paintings take some inspiration from these quilts....what a wonderful day of memories! cherish them......

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