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May 23, 2005



Holy, holy mackerel, those BOOKS! That is impressive to the MAX!


oh my gosh! you're killing me. I have just a few of those magazines and I pour over them again and again.


Hmm. Have you shown your quilting stash yet? Talk about impressive!

Love the socks. What yarn did you use for the turquoise ones?


Way to go on the socks! I knew you could do it.

My stash of Quilts Japan was painful to move. Literally. Glossy paper, big magazines, they weigh a ton and I have many years' worth. We also have a Japanese bookstore here, which makes it super easy to grab them.


Someone else with a bad Post-it habit - all those pages marked for reference and future projects. Looks like you'll never be stuck for ideas.
I loved reading about the quilters of Gees Bend. We don't even see the quilts here (except in books and articles), let alone the people who make them. It must have been wonderful.
And I'm all for wide-brimmed hats. They denote smart lady gardener here - not that I have one!


Hi Jan, thanks! Love those socks. I just found some Fleece Artist sock yarn at my LYS and it might be possibly as delicious as Koigu. Now I'm itching to start socks again.


Wow! I am so very jealous. I have one issue of patchwork quilts tsushin from the 80's that I treasure and still love to pour through. Thanks for the info on where to buy them.

Melody Johnson

Jan, I must brag and make you dig through your stash. My very first cover was on a Patchwork Tsushin magazine. It was way back in 1991. Number 45.
And then I had an article again in 1996 in Quilts Japan, but I don't have the number handy.

Also it is so great that you and Emily found each other. I am sure one day we will all meet somewhere, like Paducah next year maybe?


I agree - the magazines are even better than the books! My catalog is growing, and hopefully some day I'll have your amazing collection!



I would like to buy Quilts Japan...do you know some shops online in English,please???

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