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April 25, 2005



I know what you mean about the paper picking! I did one wall quilt all paper pieced, but would probably not do it again. Yours is gorgeous though!


funny melanie and i were just talking about paper piecing. my vague impressions are that it allows you to be amazingly precise. but wastes more fabric. yes? no?


I transferred my images to stabilizer insterad of using the paper. Depending what stabilizer you use, you can either wash it to make it disappear, or as Idid, leave it in - you don't even notice it's there!


I love those blocks! The colors are perfect together. You just have to finish them up! You could always do like they did long ago with English paper piecing and just leave the paper in if that is the only way it will get finished. If it is a wallhanging, it won't hurt a thing. I might be a bit prejudiced, since I design paper-piece patterns, ( http://atyourwhimsy if you want to peek, and that other link is my personal knitting blog) but I say this is too lovely not to finish. If you decide to donate them to a good cause, send them my way, LOL!

amy k.

wow-really lovely. I just posted about paper pieceing yesterday, although my example was not the stunning piece yours is-it's lovely!

I'm very curious about using stabilizer instead of paper-I must try. and thank you for the equilter tips.


I love your blocks! You need to find a kid, sit her down with a fun movie, and let her at it. My daughter loves to sit with me and rip off papers!


Fabulous quilt! I still cannot for the life of me get the whole idea of paper piecing sorted out. I have a nasty equilter habit, too - made worse by the fact that I was stung only yesterday for customs & excise duties on my latest order. At least you don't have to go through that much pain to indulge.


Oh no, I'm going to have to go through the pain all over again. The Martha Negley fabrics are just incredible - all those vegetables were designed for me.


Thank you for the stabilizer hint. I'm going to try that.
I also LOVE the Negley fabrics, but I'm trying to figure out how to tone them down a bit in a quilt. I'm thinking of doing some strips of the vegetables print and then some simple solid batik blocks.
Does anyone have any good ideas about how to incorporate Negley's fabrics into a design without chopping the fabric all up? I don't like the Kaffe Fassett quilts because you can't see any of the piecing and they just look like a scrap bag to me. The Piece o' Cake quilts are about as wild as I want to go. Advice on patterns would be welcome!

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