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April 12, 2005



Oh I LOVE my iron, I have no idea if they are available in the US but if they are it's definitely worth a go. I have gone from being too slack to iron anything other than for weddings and job interviews to ironing everyday by choice, I even do DH's ironing everyday! I have a Tefal Avanits 90.

Actually truth be told its his iron, I gave it to him for his birthday, or perhaps fathers day a year ago so that he would stop whining about ironging is shirts (or stop goign out in un-ironed shirts). I bought this one because my mother raved about hers, she had bought hers because my aunt 9her sister) raved about hers. Anyway I tried it before he did and immediately started ironing his shirts for him, so it really was a good present to give him after all :-).


I very rarely iron clothes! My iron is mainly for quilting, but it's a Rowenta (not even the top of the line). My quilt teachers always raved about their Rowenta's so I got one when the time came. I can check the model number for you if you like.

BTW, I've enjoyed your tales of your Japan travels. Sounds like you had a wonderulful time!


Gotta agree with Jo. I have the T-Fal Avantis 100 and I love it. It is light, it has some kind of coating on it that really makes it slide around fabric well, and it never leaks. It also has two buttons on the top that are endlessly useful - one for a blast of steam, and one for a squirt of water. They aren't cheap, but they are worth it.


So. Now I am the last woman on earth ironing her husbands shirts? What about the fact that the cleaners beats them up?

As for the iron -- I have had two Rowentas - returned them both. Had a $36 Panasonic - it was okay until it started leaking and am presently using a $17.95 Sunbeam. So far so good.

Wool Winder

I have a Rowenta Model DE-02. Bought it in 1999 I think. The best iron I've ever owned. It's one of the smaller ones so it is easy for me to handle and not too heavy. I think I paid about $90 for it--worth every penny. When it finally wears out, I'll buy another.


I have a Rowenta, not sure what model, but it was around $50.00. I really like it, it has a lot of steam that is great for blocking and so far I haven't had a leaking problem, and it's been dropped on the concrete basement floor more times then I should admit.


The old Rowenta's were so much better than now. I bought a cheapy as it seemed to be about the same as a more expensive iron. My DHs shirts went out for years (he no longer needs nice shirts for work) and while it may be a little harder on the shirts your body will be happier (and you'll have more time to knit!).


I'm another person who hardly ever irons. My mother on the other hand irons everything~ cloth napkins, sheets, boxer shorts (!), etc. Tell me my dad isn't spoiled?!? You have reminded me that I need a new iron though. Maybe if I had a decent iron, I would iron more?


I hate ironing, so my husband has to iron his own shirts (and he has a collection of the Hyde Park shirts, too. He thinks they changed the fabric, though, because now they shrink, and I wash in cold water). I hate our iron, too! I can't find a decent iron to take the wrinkles out of fabric! Consumer Reports likes the cheap Black & Decker (I can get the exact model number for you) that you can get at Target, but then I read some bad reviews of it. I cannot find a universally loved iron. Let me know if you find one!

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