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February 16, 2005



Wow. I really like this quilt...where did you get the pattern? Great color choices!


Another great quilt! I'm considering downloading the free pattern for her growth chart to make for my daughter. I'm not necessarily sold on the pencils though... Maybe I'll make some customizations... Thanks for the great site - I'll be checking in!


That's a great quilt. I never would have thought about breaking up the border like that but it looks great.


I have already told you how much I loved the red/pink Daisiez. I have been plannign one in my head ever since. But wow this one is just stunning too! I love what you have done with the colours in both quilts, I like both of yours a lot more than the pattern sample I have to say.


I like this color way the best! It really looks like flowers in a garden, especially with the border that makes me think of a pathway.


I love the daisiez pattern! It's so festive. I'm glad this green one is able to have some quiet time now after such a demanding few years.

that's my quilt!



i love the green background. it is so hard to choose between the two versions!!! what about a blue one? :)


Jan, that's got to be one of my favorites! It's just beautiful. Like Jennifer said, it's like a garden of flowers. How much would you take for it? ;)


Oh my gosh-golly. I do believe I love this one even *more* that the other! Soooo beautiful! Makes me wish I could sew and was into quilting. I got a sewing machine for my birthday last year and only tried it a couple times. I haven't had time to sit and teach myself what to do, but those daisy quilts totally inspire me. Thanks for sharing this one too! :)


I LOVE this quilt!!! The flowers put in a green background gives it the appearance of a garden, esp when I see some ladybugs on some of the fabric!! and I love the stepping stone approach to the border. i really like that!! Never thought of it as a pathway until someone commented on it. GREAT quilt!! Still in great shape considering its life so far!


Thanks for all of the comments!

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