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May 06, 2014



I'm sure that quilt will look beautiful at either 9 or 4 pieces. I love seeing photos of those bright, cheery blocks in progress!


Your blocks are absolutely lovely, but I get what you mean about saturation. It would hard to 'see' what's going on after too much time looking at them. Good luck on your design wall! I'm glad you're still able to enjoy your quilting.:)


I'm so glad you found a project to work on. Such gorgeous happy blocks - they have to have mood improving properties :0) I wish you well as you decide about your design wall.


Melody and Barb have the right idea. You can't have Anything in front of your design wall.


I love this project of yours! But then again I love everything you do!!!

I used this tutorial for my design wall: http://www.thequiltingedge.com/2012/08/duct-tapewho-knewdesign-wall-tutorial.html


Love your blocks! I thought Barb's idea was good.

Sujata Shah

This quilt is so funky with your color choices. It looks beautiful! Makes me happy every time I see your work in progress.
I am fortunate to have a bit of distance from the design wall. Barb's tutorial is great. I too had a little rough time mounting it since the screws wont grip through the board but somehow it's holding up for past five years just fine. I used micro fiber fleece instead of the felt. It cleans better and fabric patches seem to cling better. And, I used the good old duct tape for securing the edges of fleece on the back.


Your quilt is a beauty! Hope you are up to working on projects very soon. Always enjoy your posts.


I don't know if you'd call it a good idea.... I just stapled 2 flannel sheets to the wall with a staple gun. Works great and gives me a huge work wall!


I LOVE those blocks. I've always loved seeing your fabric and color combinations too Jan -- I wish I had your eye for choosing fabrics. I need Jan lessons! I'll have to admit, I'm sad that I won't be seeing your other four blocks come to life, but I certainly understand.

Good Luck with your design wall. I've always wanted a permanent wall, but don't have any free walls in our house. I have one of those obnoxious, commercial portable walls -- talk about having heart attacks -- stuff falls off of it regularly!


seems like your wall is working good as is - love your blocks. Wow they would be perfect companions for my hot flash blocks!


Just LOVE your blog! I recent discovery for me, I think we have a lot in common as I've just spent some lovely moments scrolling through your old posts. Have you considered acupuncture for your hand? I had a hand (finger) problem where all conventional methods failed but acupuncture worked for me.

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