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March 20, 2014



I love that you titled that picture applique couple. They're doing the project together. My hubby suggested one day that he might take up quilting with me in our retirement. Not sure how I feel about that but it's an interesting thought.

Thanks for the PSA about the hand -- like so many things, that would never occur to me until it went wrong. I hope your hand won't give you any more pain.

Snow tonight. I'm a big snowlover, but since this is the first day of spring, even *I* am ready for the end of this winter!


A Google image search turned up this site where the photo was also posted:


It's credited to "The North Carolina Craft Revival project via The Hunter Library". I didn't find the photo on that project's site, though. It's a bit difficult to navigate.

The "ambitious project" site is a fascinating place!


That happened to me once with an IV too! I couldn't hold a pen in my right hand without shooting pain, but thankfully, it subsided after a couple weeks in a wrist brace. It was super scary though.


What a beautiful photo of the couple and your quilt - love it! I am so sorry to hear about your hand. That is something to think about though. Please rest and enjoy this long-awaited spring! Take care, Byrd


Oh my! Hands are so important! I do hope your hand recovers to completely better SOON! Sounds like you are making good progress with Molly's quilt. I never thought of just keeping a finger cot nearby - I can't stand wearing one either but it sure would be useful to have one. I love playing with fabric too :0)

Linda in NC

Loved this post from the opening photo (why is it that I think I need a better equipped sewing room?)to the advice about needles and one's working hand to the thoughts on just getting in amongst the bits of fabric and playing.

The quilt is looking great! Isn't it wonderful to be on the downhill side of a huge project?!


Love the old photo. You can almost feel the womans absorption with her quilting.:) Lovely to be making progress on your hand quilting project!


I hate giving blood or IVs. I hope the pain goes away soon! Love that quilt!


I am happy to learn you are a right-hander. Some lefties think they have the creativity market cornered. You prove them to be very wrong. I will never offer my right hand again. That is a very good point and I wish I'd read this last night. Had my physical this morning and feel like a pincushion now. Including my aching left shoulder.


I do hope your hand is ok soon. The quilting looks/sounds like it's going well!


This winter (and so far spring!) has been a bon for creative sitting projects. But enough already, I want to be outside and definitely need some colour. I checked the new spring knit magazines were all muted shades and browns and I clicked off the page!


Your quilt is gorgeous, I just began one of those but by hand ..As far as your nerve in your hand I have one word for you LAWSUIT!!!! that was negligence!!ALso you use your hands to quilt and other things and you may need therapy for it to be ok again..


Congratulations on this nearly finished beauty! It will be cherished for a long, long time, especially with your hand quilting. Love that photo at the top!

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