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February 14, 2014


Sujata Shah

I haven't been paying any attention to the Olympics this year, don't even know why! But, I have been paying close attention to this quilt I love so much! Makes me drool uncontrollably every time I see it!
Enjoy your yoga class.


I didn't know the events were being broadcast live - thanks for telling me. That quilt is amazing.


Can't wait to wrap up in that right when it starts getting hot in Texas! Is that a promise?


Ditto on the NBC Sports channel! I had no idea until we sat down to watch some Olympics Sunday morning with our coffee. And ditto on HoC. I'm almost ashamed to say that I already watched the first three episodes of season 2 today. At least I finished up my quilt top while watching it.

I'm actually thinking of hand quilting my latest quilt. Do you have any advice for someone new to hand quilting?

Tonya Ricucci

I don't think I have NBC Sports, but guess I better go check! I've been DVR'ing so I can skip the annoying stuff.

Jill at I Rather Quilt

The quilt has an olympic number of bright and cheery squares. Enjoyable to quilt while watching Olympics.


Molly's quilt looks so beautiful! I hope you are enjoying revisiting all those lovely fabrics! I can relate to the ocean of a quilt - I'm slowly working around a large one too and enjoying every stitch :0)


your quilting looks great and I'm with you. I like the daytime and the primetime is leaving me flat.


I found the Men's Figure Skaing final yesterday by chance, and it kept me company while doing some tedious paperwork. Aren't the Australian commentators wonderful?


Beautiful quilt! And I have the same frustration with the Olympics. I have seen next to nothing because of it and been thoroughly disappointed. We've even tried watching through a VPN but the free accounts have really bad connections. But that's where we've seen the bulk of what we've watched. Boo on NBC.


I just want to make everything you create!!!

Vicky Davis aka stichr

Hoho...CBUT, a Canadian channel has the games on 24/7, course they focus on their own athletes, as they should, but you can see more than on prime time. I will look into the NBCsports channel too. I had to laugh again as I came to the mention of Underwood. .. I just finished watching the show. I have found it easier to stitch by daylight too.


I'm a bit addicted to the tv coverage as well and am trying to make sense of it all over 3 channels. We also got the Canadain coverage, which added another view to things. LOVE your red/yellow combo, makes me tempted to give that pattern a whirl!


Oh man, that quilt just makes me swoon! Sounds like you're making good progress with the quilting. Do you mind if I send you my half-quilted red and aqua quilt when you're finished? ;-D

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