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January 07, 2014



Sounds like a good plan! We woke up to 1* today with wind chills of -16. I have to make a brief dash out then I will be home too, maybe even sewing!
The quilt is so pretty, I made the same one for my daughter when she got married, but in all pastels.


That progress looks great!! Enjoy my birthday and let me know what you're watching on netflix so I can tune in too. :)


Your quilt for Molly is such a delight to see. I hope you enjoy your time stitching :0)


That sounds like a perfect plan for today!


Those noises were interesting. Relatively speaking, we aren't "that" cold with a low of 3 this morning but still the house was banging a bit. I've had my quilts hand quilted by the Amish and I noticed a little trick they use when quilting things with lots of seams. They don't always go all the way through to the back when going over the seams. So, you'll see an even stitch on the front but on the back there will be short little breaks in the line with there are thick seams. I tried it myself and it works well - not so much pain and stress for me, the front looks great and it doesn't really affect the quilting overall.


A beautiful quilt that will be incredible when your quilting is finshed...and nice to cuddle under while you are busy on it!


We are experiencing ice quakes for the first time this winter. My exuberant dog does not understand the concept of windchill and frostbite within 10 minutes equalling zero walks... Your Molly quilt is just gorgeous!


Oh, I do love that quilt! It's so fun to see you quilting it -- I'm anxious to see how you've decided to quilt it -- those seams are always a dilemma. Stay warm over there -- happily I think the worst is behind us -- for this go-round!

Ann L.

Beautiful! As always. I am curious how you are quilting it. Across the seams or inside each square so you don't have to cross seams?


You've had some terrible arctic weather! Hunkering down for some hand quilting sounds like a great idea. It's a beautiful quilt.


So beautiful! You have such an eye for color, not to mention such perfect piecing! She's going to love that quilt forever, wish her Happy Birthday from me. It's 15 here in Boston now, I have baked, cooked all day to keep the oven on. Now to sit down under the quilts ,afghans for the night. Stay warm!


That quilt is amazing, I love the way you put colours together.

Sujata Shah

What a perfect project for this cold weather. I love Molly's wedding quilt. Looking forward to a beautiful finish! I have not experienced this cold weather ever! Fire place is on nonstop around here..Lots of quilts are out and on the couch too. Stay warm!

Pam Cope

that quilt is so bright and cheery - I love your choice of colors. Glad you are staying warm... I can't imagine it being that cold! we had about a week of 20 degrees, that's unusual for Seattle. It is perfect motivation for getting lots of quilting done, though.
Happy New Year!


I love this wedding quilt you made for Molly! Not sure why I am not getting an email from bloglovin for notification! Happy quilting!

deb King

Extreme weather isn't fun either way.

Here in Melbourne we have been having a rather HoT summer... With extended periods of high temps. Today will. Be around 100 again tomorrow around 108 and they are predicting it won't get below 88 overnight. Phew, thankfully we have aircon. And gives both a good reason to saty inside and sew! Good luck with the cold, I can't imagine it.

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