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October 06, 2013


Jenny M

What a find! I am not a blue & white fan either, BUT there is something about this quilt that does grab my attention too. Are those zigzag swags unusual? Or is that I don't recall seeing a zigzag swag used much?
You were in the right place at the right time!


I admit I am a blue and white fan! And a Carolina Lily variation in blue and white? What a find.


I love blue and white (and red and white), but even if I didn't, this is a wonderful quilt, never seen anything like it. That border! Great find, wonderful that you rescued it, it would indeed be heartbreaking if this was not treasured.


What a charming and graphic quilt, it really does pack a big punch. Interesting that you say the quilting is so well done but the applique not so much. Thanks for sharing the beauty.


How gorgeous!! I love it - such a great find and lovely to know it's in safe hands!


I adore those swags!! in 25 years of quilt study, I have never seen them before.
Wonderful quilt - enjoy it!


Oh my gosh as soon as I saw the first picture I was aghast at the beautiful swag! I am glad you are not a collector but a true lover of quilts!
I am seriously thinking of using a zig zag swag border in something I make now!!!

Tonya Ricucci

it was fun to revisit the other quilt. you have a type: fantastically quilted, much loved and worn. that is a wonderful zigzag - well worth rescue. congrats.


Beautiful quilt! I don't think it's in that bad of shape. I would have bought it!


It looks beautiful in the pictures. So glad I saw you again! On to Vermont!!

Sujata Shah

Lucky you! I love.. love.. love.. the border! Reminds me of all the hand appliqued triangle borders on Ralli quilts. I too often think of those quilters who have spent endless hours making these beauties. Wonder what will become of my quilts some day too. I have rescued only one quilt so far. Just could not leave the booth when I looked at it and had to bring it home. Now this quilt has a really good home. Enjoy your find!


It's just gorgeous!! That appliqued swag border is fabulous - it would have taken a ton of time to applique. The quilting is lovely too. What a beautiful quilt to display in your home.


I am a blue and white person so am very happy to see your photos. I am glad you saved the old girl and will show off her "good" side.


Love how you wrote 'What really grabbed me was that someone with such rudimentary skills would attempt and execute such a stunning quilt.' Wonderful to think of the years this quilter no doubt enjoyed her lovely quilt regardless of its flaws! We should all be so willing to sew what we love regardless of our skill level! Thanks for sharing such a stunning quilt.


I want to do an applique project using a running stitch... I'm hoping it will have the effect of your embroidery over those wagon wheels - the kind of effect that makes the viewer stop & say, "Why didn't I think of doing that? or of doing it that way?"


Wow...I just love it.

John Sauls

Jan.... what a beautiful quilt.........needs no apologies.......best.....john


WOW! Those zigzag swags are gorgeous. And the quilting looks awfully pretty from way over here. Love the pindots. Love the pattern. Looks like and incredible find.

Oh, and you probably know this, but I'm totally a Blue and White person. You know. Just in case you get tired of it.


What a wonderful rescue, and I do love that timeless blue and white combo! Perhaps more than one quilter worked on the appliqué. A child even. It's a beautiful quilt.

Sally Bramald

Lovely, just lovely. I love blue and white.


What a lucky find! Although it might not be perfect or made with great skill, the quilter finished it! In my book, that makes her a winner.


Wow! That is beautiful and I've never seen a spikey swag appliqued border like that before. I'd say you scored!!

Sew Create It - Jane

Blue and white is such a classic combo.although the quilt is worn the colour has stayed vibrant.it will make a lovely display piece...I bet the quilter who made it would be thrilled to know it was being loved again.

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