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October 30, 2013



That new-skin works well. I looked and looked for it in Canada and could never find it. Couldn't find it in Hawaii either. I finally found some in Florida and I bought 2 bottles :0) I can't wait to see your pedal to the metal projects!


Isn't yoga wonderful. I'm trying to get my husband to try it with me because I'm sure it would help his back. I could do sun salutations all day long! Looking forward to seeing your projects, and your wheels quilt is just so great!


Oh wow -- I didn't know about new-skin -- I'll definitely be trying that -- my fingers are sore from the Steampunk. If only I could get new-fingernails -- I chip and break them too, when I'm quilting.

I love yoga too. I got the easy introduction 'cause I do all the different classes at our little health center at work, so I wasn't too afraid. I kind of thought maybe "our" yoga wasn't the real thing though, since it was here, so a few months ago, I decided to try the local studio -- like you, very worried that it would be the young and fit. It's mostly older people and everyone is so worried about their own poses that they don't have time to see how dorky everyone else looks LOL. And, it turns out, our little health center is just as good as the real thing -- Yay!

Hey -- whatsaywe organize a quilting retreat that incorporates some yoga everyday. Wouldn't that be FUN???


Well you are an awfully talented slug! Have never publicly tried yoga as am afraid of "unexpected flatulence" but know tons of devotees . Let us know how it goes. Thanks for the Clover tip!


Ooh poor you! I feel your pain. Hope your fingers heal quickly. Hopefully you gain a callus and that will hold you in good stead for a Winter of hand quilting!! Enjoy your yoga (think I'll stick to walking!!).


So glad you are finding time to quilt. I would like to invite you to my Dear Jane group's sewing day at Furnace Run Park Pavilion in Brecksville. It's 9AM to 10PM come and go as you please, sew what you want. Cost- $10.00 and a potluck something.


Forgot to mention, it's November 22.


I don't know where my head is... we are waiting for Mary's baby, she is 41.5 weeks now. The sew day is Nov. 20.

Tonya Ricucci

slugs unite! completely describes me as well. aiyee, I followed your link to Amazon and oops, I purchased some of these over a year ago. And completely forgot. Now what drawer did I shove them into????


Gearing up for holiday little gifties and what am I doing but reading all the quilt blogs?
Hoping you can add me to your flickr group to see the old japanese quilt show albums. Promise I'm just a regular jane with two little kids who has a hard time finding time to make, and too much time making time to look.
flickr id is AmberCake
and that baby at the top of my photostream is in kindergarten this year!

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