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October 03, 2013



This is just perfect!


I love it!


I love, love, love it too! Your embroidery will add a lot of interest to an already fabulous quilt!! If you're up early stitching it in your pjs I bet it will be a finish soon!




I love that stitch around the spokes, it is so organic yet vintage looking. It's going to be a cool quilt.


Fantastic! Looking forward to seeing more :)


Perfection! I love the meandering buttonhole!


LeeAnne, you knock my socks off!...soooo clever!


oops. I was just reading Nifty Quilts, Jan! Sorry about that. Welcome back!!

Jenny M

Your stitches add an extra wow factor to your beautiful quilt.


How fun to finally jump right in and have it work! What a fun quilt and it will be so amazing when you are finished!!

Jenny G.

Love the embroidery! Glad to see you back to quilting!

Tonya Ricucci

Fantastic. so wonderful. I have the book for Going West but have never been lucky enough to see the quilts.


That stitching pattern is so perfectly wonderful for your wheels! Show us lots of progress photos please :)

Lemon Tree Tami

The wavy circle really adds a lot of movement to the wagon wheel. Very lovely!


Oh I love the embroidery on that block - just transforms it! Lovely fabrics in the wheels too.


Lovely, I can't wait to see what other stitch choices you make.

So how does the back look?


Oh my gosh, this is so absolutely stunningly perfect! I think my quilting soul has been craving a visual of this kind for some time. I know in my head I have been pondering the mix of quilting with needlework but couldn't quite see it yet. Thank you so much for sharing!!


I'm so glad you got back to this. What you are doing is marvelous! This makes me want to start a new project using this idea. I can't! I'll have to satisfy myself by watching yours progress. Well done!


Jan, I love seeing you pull out older projects and come up with new ideas to keep moving them forward. Very motivating. I just finished my medallion quilt. Unbelievable, but true.

Linda in NC

I L.O.V.E.D this quilt when you first showed it, sans embroidery, and now even more so. The embroidery really makes it come alive; I can hardly wait to see the finished quilt!

Isn't it a great feeling when everything works out just right, despite previous worries, and you end up with a product that meets or even exceeds your dreams? So glad it happened for you with this.

I bet you inspire lots of us to try something similar!




Oh Wow Jan -- that's fantastic! I love the way it looks! I'm a little confused though -- are you totally hiding all the stitches so they don't show on the back, or just where you stretch between sections.

Oh, and I LOVE LOVE those sewline pencils -- all of them. (So much that I put the gift sets in my little shop LOL!)


I'm just catching up with your blog - I love this curvy folky embellishment - so pretty and striking. What a terrific quilt! I too have struggled in my mind about how to combine quilting with embroidery (sashiko). Your solution is spot on.


I'm so happy to see this beauty again!
love the stitches you are adding.

Kathie Boucher

Cute as can be! Perfect!


LOVE IT The wavy in and out blanket stitch is fabulous

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