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September 05, 2013



Yes, loooove that first quilt you showed. And that pink binding on the other one. Do you think that was a replacement binding, or was she making pink binding anyway for the other quilt....? Such a shame that antique show will not be held anymore, but wonderful to have the kids & family back with you. Enjoy!


I think it's awesome your kids are moving a lot nearer home! I love all 3 antique quilts! The checked fabrics really add sparkle to that courthouse steps quilt. The other 2 look lovely - sure would like to see them spread out on a bed for a closer look :0) I'm glad you are enjoying your new project. Can't wait to see it!


The quilts are beautiful, I like that basket one especially.
I enjoy having all 4 of my children (and grandkids) nearby. Enjoy your's being back!

Tonya Ricucci

fun quilts and woohoo for the kids living closer!


Thrilled for you! You'll be able to visit more...hope all the moving went smooth, those things are nerve-racking! Excited to see your new project,you always have something good!

Jennifer O.

Great quilts and so great your kids live closer. I hope they are settled in fun places to visit - I'm glad that if my siblings and I all had to move away we chose good places to visit!

Linda in NC

"Local" is relative - glad your kids are closer to you!


what great quilts LOVE that first one , actually love them all. they each have their own quirkiness or special surprise when you look at them!
I am so happy for you, just a sigh of relief , very close time zones! LOL glad they are closer.



what wonderful quilts! I really love the log cabin. the control units in the middle really make for a graphic quilt.
How great that your kids are "home" so to speak!


I am SO happy for you! How wonderful to have them both back here. Your holidays will be marvelous. More to sketch!!


Such gorgeous quilts! I love that first one! Enjoy having your kids closer to you. You'll appreciate it even more after having them live overseas.


Wow -- they're both back at the same time? That's awesome! (Although shoot -- no more exotic visits for you. Well, maybe, there are probably some exotic areas here LOL.) I. can't. wait. to see what you're working on!


How wonderful that your kids are back home - in the same country at least.
Thanks for sharing the quilts - I love that first one!


you must be thrilled to have them both 'near'!!

(I hope you'll still make it to Tokyo though!)


Glad both are "home"!!

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