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July 09, 2013


Jenny M

Wow, you can paint as well!! Beautiful work. I must have been hibernating when the artistic genes were handed out!


Holy MOSES Jan! Your color, form, and light are breathtaking. Wow. I better step and fetch and get back to painting.

I do love how your paintings are so you. I am a firm believer that painting style is the same as handwriting. It is what it is and though it can be improved it cannot be changed.

Have a lovely time in China, travel safely, and enjoy your family. As always, I am inspired by you.


You are seriously amazing at painting - wow! I'm glad you shared your pictures! Have a great trip to China!!


just beautiful....
have a fun and safe trip...


Oh Jan, you are so inspiring in your words. I say follow your passion and thanks for sharing your other love. I think you have amazing talents. Enjoy your trip.


You're the second marvellously talented quilter I know who has turned to pencil and paint recently. I'm so glad you're rediscovering creative pleasure, what you've produced is beautiful!!
There's no point in labouring the point if you're not fulfilling that artistic itch, so paint on!!
Look forward to future posts, quilts, paintings, knitting....love it all
Look forward too, for pics of China trip.

Tonya Ricucci

woah, I can't believe how fabulous those little paintings are after such a long gap. I watercolored (almost 30 years ago - eek) but was never that good. Think I need to stay focused on quilts since I've been binging on fabric... Enjoy your trip!

Pam Cope

Glad to see you are back! I thought about e-mailing you too, but figured you were just taking a break! I cleaned up my sewing room too, although I am not a painter, it really helps to just have out one project at a time. (At least for a day or two.) Have fun in China, I just watched a travel documentary about Shanghai, it all looks so fascinating. Can't wait to see what you come back with. Happy Summer!


I am so impressed, Jan! Thanks for sharing your creative self with us!


Wow Jan. Oh Wow!

Your painting is gorgeous -- so true to life. Thanks for showing us even more of your fabulous skills.

I must admit though, I'm very sad to think of those gorgeous WIPs tucked away -- I'm consoled to know that you'll get back to them, refreshed and even better than before.

Have a fabulous trip -- can't wait to hear about it. Are you on Instagram?


thanks for the update, Jan. Your work is beautiful~
have a good time in china <3


You Too! Last year I took up watercolor after a 15 year hiatus. Now I am seeing ideas for paintings everywhere. I am even entering a national show. When we returned from Italy I thought many photos were more suited to oils- something I had not used since age 10--but I am painting "plein aire" in a class and learning about it all over again. I can see you greaat sense of color in your fabrics and paintings. You go girl!


Wow, is there no end to your talents!! Painting too! Beautiful painting!

Have a safe trip to China.


I love your paintings they are wonderful, you are so talented!
I think it is good to dabble in the arts no matter what it is, inspiration is everywhere!


You are so talented! Have a great trip and thank you for yet another great book suggestion...


Enjoy China!
My mother and I just came back from a two-week trip to Shanghai and Beijing. The Blue Cloth museum in Shanghai is still there - we bought quite a bit ... I think it was the number one place to visit on my mother's list.
safe travels


What a talented painter you are! I am also feeling the need to stretch myself creatively with other media. Last summer I did a lot of painting and plan to get back to it in August.


Beautiful!!You are a fantastic artist!! Wow!! I paint too,love watercolors, oil, My favorite artists are Holly Hobbie,Susan Branch, she has a wonderful blog, full of watercolors ( great books/cookbooks)Kris Nelson (was married to Ricky Nelson) a fantastic primitive painter in oils. I agree...I too, have at times just boxed it up... clears your head and the stress level of those little project staring at you every time you walk in here...glad you are back, safe travels!!


It is good to switch up disciplines if you feel start to feel stale. One feeds the other! Have fun in China, I'm sure there will be lots of inspiration there.


So glad to know that all is well with you. And to learn of your further talents! You continue to surprise and inspire me. I started a blog, TheGardenOfNeedles.blogspot.com, a couple of years ago, largely inspired by your thoughtful and creative blog. I am only now figuring out where I am going with my blog, or rather, where it is taking me: travel as inspiration for needlework: quilting, knitting, embroidery, and more. Thanks for sharing so much with us. Happy travels!


What do I spy with my little eye? Why the same Schminke palette I have! I told you your painting would blow everyone away! And I love that you are painting fabric. We are truly sisters of the arts hearts.
Have a fabbo trip and do some sketching. There will be grades when you return!


Oh My Golly, I'm so glad you shared these beautiful paintings! They are SO beautiful!! Now I'm looking forward to your postcards from China :)


Beautiful paintings - your talent runs deep! You gave me the "itch to stitch" some months ago so I'm glad you're not leaving it forever. But all your color work is inspiring. It's a treat to follow you here :)


Your paintings are sooo charming - colorful and detailed, just wonderful. This is very inspiring. One creative pursuit feeds into another!

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