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February 01, 2013


One Minnesota Quilter

How sweet is that chair and her smile? Oh, the things the children learn during those art classes and that we learn as we progress in our quilting. Lessons that help us all along the way.

Great post.



your way back machine really goes back!! I started a hand stitching quilt this year to do while my daughter was at ballet...and in the school line for pick etc etc...I love how you mentioned how a project will take you back to where you were...I know this quilt will set me squarely back to this school year!

Tonya Ricucci

yay for the orphan block project!!! could always turn that beautiful applique into a baby quilt, made to be loved and washed and not an heirloom. better to be used than not.


loved this post, just made me smile seeing her in the chair with that smile just must have brought back a flood of memories for you.
I took my kids to classes at a museum too for classes from actual art classes to learning about art in a museum and the artists to science experiment classes to learning about the dinosaur classes, they loved it. They still talk about those classes from time to time.
I look forward to your orphan block quilt...
I like Toyna's idea of making those blocks into a baby quilt for your first granddaughter to use and love.


Once I heard the term 'menopausal mauve' I never used the word again.
I just love the appliqué and the colours.


Beautiful, beautiful!


Oh, how sad not to use those blocks -- all that work! No way to just remove the mauve and replace it with something else? (Very gingerly, I suspect on those blocks where the back was cut away?) The border is gorgeous. I think I even have that leaf print in my stash -- thank you for dating it for me LOL.

And what a little cutie Molly is -- all proud of that chair!

Pam Cope

I love those blocks, I would not call it mauve, maybe cranberry pink? My quilt group has done a project before where we traded unfinished projects and then added to them. The results were really amazing! I can see those as the center of a Gwen Marston medallion quilt.... and, if you are really worried about the fading, what about painting over that fabric? I am not a fan of the whole cloth quilts painted with ink, but this might be a practical application of that product. I love to think of how our projects can be re-purposed. Your little girl is so sweet! what a great smile.

Sew Create It - Jane

I love the four blocks together...very fresh and a great fabric combo!


My chair!! Truly my proudest work, ever!

amelia peck

i hope you turn your 4 block applique into a crib quilt. it'll become an heirloom for sure. it's stunning.

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