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January 23, 2013



oh I remember this quilt, yeah! glad to see it out again.
mollys quilt is going to be fun to hand quilt , revisiting all those fabrics would just be fun! I do like MMCream rose a lot and my machine quilter will use it on the long arm for me, that means she will baste my quilts for hand quilting :)
the request is harder for her to do but she does it. I love both for hand quilting , MMCR is a bit thicker but not much at all and still easy to quilt.


I just love your applique that you're working on and so many of us have quilts to finish up....and then we start something else that catches our eye...and then we go back to another! haha

I love the wedding quilt. THat just looks wonderful. I pieced and hand quilted the double wedding ring for our daughter nearly eight years ago and what a delight that was.

Anyway, on the batting, I have used both you've mentioned and I really do love the Mountain Mist Cream Rose...and also that I can get it locally around here. But I have found that it machine AND hand quilts very nicely! It's one of my favorites. Otherwise I'm a huge fan of the wool battings.


Love the applique that surfaced. I am a Hobbs 80/20 fan but right now I'm hand quilting a 100 x 100 with QD Request, only because I needed the size. It's quilting up very nicely. OK, past projects, I'm still waiting to see your wagon wheel and sunflower pieces. I hope they surfaced and are in your queue!


Your red and green blocks are wonderful!! I look forward to seeing them become a top :0) I adore the red polka dot trail going through Molly's quilt. I like Tuscany silk batting for handquilting - it's nice and thin and easy to needle but I haven't tried the MMCR. That's a big quilt to baste - good luck!

Linda in NC

What's your quilting design plan for The Wedding Quilt? I've heard such good things about MM Cream Rose though I've yet to use it. Too many tops and not very many finishes around this house. That will change this year, so I'll be interested to see how you progress with your UFOs. I'm especially keeping an eye out for the wheels on black!


Both projects are lovely! The wedding quilt will be stunning with hand quilting!


The only batting I've ever used is Warm 'n Natural and I love it. It's pretty thin but that's my preference. I can't wait to see the parade of finished quilts!

Karen Beigh

A nice red and green applique quilt is something I would like to make too. I have plenty of patterns to choose from to make one but other projects call out to me too. Your blocks are very good.


Oh Jan, you have some lovely quilts there, so close to finished! Keep going - looking forward to seeing progress.


Ooooh, now I can't wait for the next few weeks to see some of your quilts -- you're always such a huge inspiration and I want to make everything you're making (I'll have what she's having LOL.) I'm particularly hankering (haha) to start an applique project -- my last one took forever but I loved the process. Have fun with Molly's quilt -- it's such a beauty (another one I want to copy) !!!

Tonya Ricucci

ooh, excited to see some blasts from the past popping back up. even more would love to see what ones no longer hold your interest. just love your ufos and blocks etc... hand quilting a queen-size? don't envy you that. i use the QDR so no help there... I keep hearing how fabulous wool is to needle, but I'm allergic so haven't given it a try.


The Wedding Quilt is outstanding and so fun! I tried the Rose Cream batting for the first time and really liked how nice and thin that it was...and that I could get it at JoAnn's with a coupon!! I heard that Hobby Lobby has it in white also. Stay warm under that quilt while you are doing the handwork!

Janet M

My favorite is Hobbs wool batting. Yes, it is puffier, but it quilts up very easily and it's great to sleep under.

Pam Cope

I love using vintage Mountain Mist batting. I happen to have a bag now, the tag on it is from a department store in Seattle that probably stopped selling fabric in the 70's. It is paper thin, 100% cotton - it has a soft glaze finish on it. I always look for it at yard sales & thrift shops.... you have to quilt it pretty closely, but gives your quilt that light-weight vintage feel. I'm not going to be doing any hand quilting in the foreseeable future so would be happy to share/trade if you are interested in trying it.... I loved going back to re-read the dover white post... how funny!

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