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January 14, 2013


Cathy Danderfer

Thank you for the peek into your process-love the applique!


omg the black looks great in this block, so nice and balanced yet striking. ok Love that quilt you have the drawings for what an amazing gift that was I am sure you will use more of them of the next few years....
I like that light box! mine doesn't look as big...
keep moving the block came out great!

Linda in NC


Your berries looks great; I do like the black ones in there. Such a great block.


What a gorgeous block! And your appliqué stitching is so gorgeous as well. What an inspiration you are!!


Your block looks terrific!
Did you know that Mary B owns this quilt?
We made it as a group. I did the berry ring block.
It is a wonderful quilt.


Oh my - what a fabulous applique block!! So perfect to go with your baskets! I look forward to seeing this project come together :0) The antique quilt is pretty marvelous as well - thanks for sharing your inspiration!

Barb Robson

This is inspiring me to get my applique project out. The centre is an appliqued flower vase with flowers, the next border is pieced and the next is appliqued. I have one done, 3 to go. I will finishit this wonter, I will finish it this winter...my mantra! Thanks!


I loved reading about your process and the block has turned out awesome. I'll really enjoy following your progress on this one. I'm a bit over doing circles on templates and am going the simpler route with some of mine too. They came out looking very good on your block.

Ann Champion

Your applique block is fabulous! I love the depth the dark berries gives.
Thanks for sharing your quilting journey. This quilt is going to be amazing. :)


Wow! This block is amazing! Thanks for sharing your process in making it. Very interesting!


It is beautiful, it certainly needed a lot of patience but it was well worth.

Tonya Ricucci

woohoo, love the block! let's hear it for getting stuff done. I was horrified to realize that I didn't finish a single quilt last year. lots of tops and several that just need binding... I need that power through motto too!


I LOVE your block. I love all the little berries and the bird, two of my favorite things.

Sara Homeyer

Thanks for showing your process!


Oh, wow, great post! Love how you described the appliqued berries as organic, as that is how I view needleturn applique - its not meant to be perfect! Love your progress on this project. Thanks, as always, for your inspiration!


Your block is fabulous! Black is perfect for those berries!

Ann Marie

Can't wait to see this gorgeous block surrounded with baskets. Power through!

Jenny M

Love the pattern and love the colours you have chosen.


Ohmygosh Jan -- it's gorgeous. I can just imagine it with those baskets -- I can't wait to really see it! And you didn't use a template on those circles??? You're amazing!


Amazing work, I'm blown away with your free hand cherries. Good grief, don't look too closely at mine made with templates :-)
This is such an interesting block, definitely keeps the viewer engaged, great work!

Karen Beigh

Love, love, love this applique block. Very prim looking and a style I like.


OKAY. Now I want to return to needle turn appliqué. I had nearly forgotten how beautiful it was. Is. And so soothing on a winter day. I wish I had a calendar with patterns but I have so many Baltimore books. I should be able to find something to use. LOL.

Your work is SO DELIGHTFUL.


What a beautiful block! Love the bird too!!


Beautiful applique work! I am working on one that is from an old Baltimore style quilt I used the "starching and freezer paper" method if you know what I mean. I think I like the looks of yours alot better.

Ali @Very Berry

The block is so beautiful. I look forward to seeing it in place.


Yep. Birds, baskets and berries. What more can a quilt need?
Totally gorgeous. Love the appliqué.


Your applique is so beautiful! Thanks for all the details of how you do it! I am determined to start an applique project because I've never done a whole quilt. I just can't decide on which project. There are at least 3 that are capturing my interest.

Pam Cope

Your applique is so nice. Looks perfect, in fact! I love the red-wing black bird. Don't know how you can do such exact needlework AND watch Downton Abbey. I can't take my eyes off all the beautiful clothes. Did you LOVE Edith's wedding dress? So glad she didn't marry the old guy, but glad we got to see the dress! By the way, how is the quilting coming on Molly's wedding quilt? What are you going to do with all the squares you cut and rejected for the quilt? I can't stop thinking about them! Maybe a little give-away?

Diane Harris

Oh wow, I can't wait to see this in the center of your basket quilt. That's going to be AMAZING.

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