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January 29, 2013



Thanks for the links today. I have always been a no-wash gal, but Becky's comment about pinning less almost pulls me over to the other side. The thought of washing all my fabric is a bit overwhelming, though. Maybe I will try pre-washing for just one project as a comparison.

And your mini quilt is lovely!


I love the look of your Abundance quilt in the hoop. I want to try that batting now too! I will look for some.


I'm a pre washer. I made a quilt early on and used batiks, then I washed the left over fabric. Oh my, it ran and ran and ran. I'm terrified to ever wash the quilt, someone can do that after I die...and I won't gift it out because of the color issue.

Barb Robson

Thanks for the links in this post! I have just posted on my Guild blog about Becky's suggestions and reasons for washing fabric (and a link to your blog).
I am and always have been a washer, just seems right! But I only iron once, before I cut. I try and fold the fabric right out of the dryer or from the clothes line - why iron twice?
Thanks again!

Pat Taylor

So behind on visiting everyone - love the look of your Abundance quilt! And hand quilting it too - good for you! My little version must go under the machine due to time.

Checked out some of your earlier postings and my heart skipped some beats on seeing your applique - stunning work and your fabric choices are perfect!

Happy stitching!


It is adorable! I really like your fabric selection too!!


love your little quilt and oh your stitches look great.
glad you like that batting too. Ok I may have to go back to pre-washing my fabric now . I stopped about a year ago but have always worried about the shrinkage , that post convinced me.


Your picture made me do a double take, as I saw a similar little quilt on someone else's blog and I thought I was on her blog -- I didn't realize it was a quilt-along! Your fabrics are so pretty!

I also love your diplomacy on the wash or not wash issue. I don't say no matter which side you fall on, I just tell people to wash LOL!


Adorable, I love your colors!

Katy S



Your quilt is really beautiful, such lovely colours. That batting sounds wonderful. So interesting to hear about washing. When I started quilting I washed everything!! but then I met other quilters who didn't, someone actually laughed at me so I stopped, after reading Becky's post I think I'll go back to washing... it just makes sense.

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