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January 24, 2013



Happy Birthday Jan!!!

Hope it includes a trip to a quilt shop! :)


Wow your stash looks wonderful :0) It looks like there's some room to squeeze a few more pieces in - lol! Happy Birthday Jan!


Ha ha, Congratulations!! No better way to celebrate than at your Local Quilt Shop!


Happy birthday! Hope you get some lovely quilty presents!


What a great photo I would love to have such lovely storage and neat piles of fabric. A birthday is always a good motivation for stash enhancement! Hope you have a happy day.


Happy Happy Happy birthday wish I could drive over and take you to the quilt shop and lunch for your birthday. We might be bad influences with each other fabric shopping but hey its your birthday!
have a wonderful day


My birthday is next Wednesday, but I was still thinking the same thing. (We are having a snow day - if it clears up I'll go visiting at lunch time.)


Happy birthday! A perfect day to shop.


LOL! I hear initially, it was "Jan, Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day." Happy Birthday!!!


I think you need more fabric! haha. THat is the most wonderful looking stash ever!! And I love that it's folded so neatly. I'm all about that one :D


Oh goodness! And happy birthday!!

Karen Beigh

Question. Is that your fabric stash or the quilt shop's? Looks absolutely wonderful! I want to come play with it.

Bev S.

Happy Birthday! Hope it is filled with many bright colors!


Happy Birthday! Buy fabric!


No wonder your quilts are all so gorgeous -- that's a stunning stash! Happy Happy Birthday -- so wonderful that your LQS will welcome you with open arms LOL!


Lol! Happy Birthday, Jan! And I must say, your fabric is so neatly arranged! I am very jealous!


Happy Birthday!! There's always room for more fabric!


Happy Birthday! I think I would go shop!! Hope you have a great day!!


Happy Birthday to you! We only need to worry when the "Hoarders" film crew show up in our driveway! ;-)
Your room looks like heaven to me.


I think it's a sign that they chose your bday! Hope you have a good one! Happy Bday!


Wow, what a stash! Such a variety of colors and so neatly folded. Have a happy birthday; I hope you find something wonderful to add to the stash.


Happy birthday! Your fabrics look so nice and neat - how do you organize them? Hope you found some new treasures to bring home with you, because as they say, when its gone, its gone!

Linda in NC

Tee hee! I hope you got to celebrate your birthday at the LQS! Happy Birthday!

I love your stash photo; makes me think mine needs half thrown out and replaced with new happy colors. And moved out of the closet to someplace I can see it. And someone hired to straighten it and keep it looking tidy....


Happy Belated Birthday, dear Jan! Now is that a pic of the quilt shop or of your sewing room? lol!


Happy Belated Birthday! I can't believe how neat your stash is... Absolutely dreamy!


wow. what a stash. Lovely view!

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