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December 18, 2012



A second here on lookking at old quilts for inspiration. Alas, my cards are in a bag under my desk san addresses. Last year I wanted to make a list and print labels-well there is next year.


I can't tell you how many times I sent out a "New Year" card - people enjoy them just the same. Your instincts are spot on - this will be wonderful!!!!


Send everyone a picture of this and call it Christmas. I LOVE how you have mixed it up, this is going to be such an amazing quilt.


Don't feel bad. At least you are being creative. I don't have my Christmas cards done yet either and that is because I got the bug to purge and clean and that is what I have done for the 2 1/2 days in my sewing room. I am done now, so I am heading to the table to work on my Christmas cards. Good luck. Your quilt is going to be beautiful.

Jenny G.

I also don't have my cards done yet- tonight, hopefully. I've been spending my time trying to get a quilt done for a Christmas gift. I should be basting tonight, so I think I am on track for getting it done. I really like the star blocks you've scattered in amongst the baskets- gives it just the right amount of interest!


I loved the quilt before the center applique. But now you're making it spectacular!


The baskets are fabulous! I also like finding inspiration in antique quilts they are the best.
It's hard to tell from the picture but what colors are the baskets?
This is going to be a terrific quilt!!!


Who can resist new books? Can there be too much inspiration? :0) I love the direction your basket quilt is going! Antique quilts inspire me too!! My cards aren't sent either...


Oh, I like this MUCH better than Christmas cards. It's so much more rewarding. True friends will understand!


Well, who could possibly blame you for sneaking in to work on this beauty??? I LOVE it! I think you could do anything to those baskets and I'd still love them. And I love (can you tell I really LOVE them) watching this quilt unfold. You're always so full of inspiration!


This one will be wonderful!


Beautiful quilt. Fancy finding something in your cupboard so quickly!

Pam Cope

Some of my friends get impatient with me when I am auditioning fabrics or moving things around on the design wall. but you know when you get just the right color/design/layout. This quilt will be wonderful. Can't wait to see how it comes out.


wishing you a wonderful Christmas Jan, to you and your family (near and far!)

Linda in NC

Happy New Year! I'm eager to see the next installment on this beauty. It seems it's always best to go where the inspiration takes you = better final design. I loved the stars in the baskets, but adding applique to piecing always makes things better in my book.

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