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November 15, 2012



Those little mats are works of art. So beautiful. That shop sounds so wonderful.


The mats are appealing on so many levels, and such a deviation from my (generalised) perception that Japanese quilting often overdoses on perfection.
These are perfect because of their imperfections. Love it. Want one!!


Thanks so much! Your mat is very inspiring. I'm going to add those blogs to my list right now. Lucky you, with your trips to Japan!


And that shop!
And that outfit!

Sujata Shah

Oh this mat is amazing. I love those big stitches. Can't wait to visit tho blog. Thank you!


Wonderful post! I am so jealous. I gave that shop a miss because I thought it would be too touristy. Big mistake I see!
Time to plan my next trip.


The thrilling piece of information for me was that the mats are not pieced. Revelation!

Thanks as always for sharing.
xo Kay


Oh, wow! I've been loving Sashiko for a while now and thoroughly enjoyed your post! I, too, have nearly hyperventilated, just from looking at your little placemat! I've tried to follow Keiko's blog but can't figure out how to translate it. thanks so much for sharing this!


What a beautiful post about a beautiful place. With your photos and words, you've captured the feel and spirit of the shop perfectly. It is indeed one of my favorite spots, a treasure in the neighborhood for sure. You sure picked out a gem of a "boro" - I love that spot of pink too:). Thanks for sharing, Jan!

Jenny M

On our last day in Tokyo(five years ago)whilst visiting my BIL, his wife arranged a quick visit to this very shop before my husband & I left for the airport. I bought some fabric there which is now incorporated into a quilt that I have made to remind us of our wonderful trip to Japan.
Thanks for reminding me of my fleeting visit to that unique shop.

Lynne Gill

A bit late in commenting I'm afraid but I just had to! I could scoop those gorgeous little mats right out of my lap-top! The texture just begs me to stroke them. I think they would look lovely even with modern blue/white fabrics, but of course the very aged-ness of the boro is what makes the whole thing so iconic. I am going to make some mats, and I have always kinda turned my nose up at coasters and pot holders as being rather contrived 'uses' for quilting.

Lovely, lovely post, thank you!


That's where I first attempted quilting!! Not a bad start.., we lived within walking distance, when azabu juban was just a set of local shops (before the station was put in)
We went to Nagano skiing last year, and I managed to pop in. Unfortunately, Amy was away for a wedding. We are heading to the slopes again in jan,with a few days in Tokyo. I'm def'ly going bak to see Amy, and try and get to yuzawaiya - not sure if its still around?!?!

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