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November 06, 2012



Being in a swing state hasn't been fun. I'm in Colorado and can SO relate to the phone calls, junk mail and (hateful) commercials. Such cute little baskets.

Barb Robson

Wonderful quilt as always!Love the 2 blocks with the black backgrounds and the splash of red.

Here is a tip for matching those tricky points - match them right sides together - no pins, then just take 5 or 6 stitches over the seam/points. Open it up, check to make sure they match ok, if they don't just pull on the bobbin thread and pull the 5 or 6 stitches out. Try again, once you are satisfied then sew the whole seam. This is from my friend Heather who says "pins are for sissies"!


Your baskets are lovely.
I so love tradition quilts, well made it fresh colors.
I just love yours.
And on your election: we should give ourselves a BIG shake and be grateful for the opportunity to at least have a vote.


No swing state here, but the calls and commercials were still oppressive. Your baskets are looking great! I love the black/grey/cheddar color scheme!


I've enjoyed following your election from afar, the US system is so different to ours in Australia, (our pollies are still annoying 'tho!!)
Love the progress you are making with your baskets...gorgeous, gorgeous. Really like the occasional black background.

Tonya Ricucci



You're killing me with those cute baskets! Next time you start a quilt, you should just have a quilt along -- no matter what it is, I'm sure to love it. Very interesting about those seams -- I'm a traditionalist too and would have a VERY tough time ironing those seams open. I can see how it would make a big difference though!

Teresa Rawson

Your baskets are delightful! I love how two have dark backgrounds. :o)

Very clever, pressing the seams open. I should try that...sometimes, it's the only decent thing to do!

I too am glad all the nonsense is over! The phone calls in Michigan have been to horrible, even though we had ceased to be that much of a swing state. I wish all that negative ad money could have gone for a good cause! It was a nail-biter for a while!

In stitches,
Teresa :o)

Linda in NC

What a great collection of baskets you already have! (Well worth all the seam re-do.) I love the dots with them. Will you be incorporating those?

I always enjoy seeing what you are working on; you have such a great color/fabric sense. Very inspiring.


Great baskets! Can only imagine all the stuff you've had to deal with in Ohio! I'm so glad it's over and I'm in a state that neither party cares enough to visit.


This is going to be an awesome quilt! I never press open seams either who would have thought, great discovery! Thanks for posting!


Hooray for Ohio, the swing state. My daughter voted in your state and saw Michelle Obama at a rally at Miami.
Love the baskets and your choice of limited color scheme. Isn't it interesting to see how the value changes make such a big different in the look of them.
I agree about the open seams. It makes a much smoother finish.

Cathy at PotterJotter

Your baskets are so lovely and your patience is inspirational! I have just started my very first quilt and am so enjoying it, though my results won't be half so good as yours. Will post it up if I'm brave enough! xCathy


I'm loving your baskets! Great color combination.


I love, love, love your baskets!! And I couldn't be more glad to be rid of the political junk mail and robo-calls. Blech.


Loving these baskets. Co-incidentally, I've just unearthed a basket kit to start and am now Really Inspired to get going with it. Thank you!


Just love your basket blocks - are they six-inch blocks? Really want to make a quilt like yours! Thanks as always for the inspiration.


I love how the reverse blocks look so much bigger than the other blocks, Very cute selection of prints, this is going to be stunning.

Brenda Yates

I found this site while searching for John Sauls Antiques in Tyler, TX... and fell in love with those beautiful quilts!

Now I find that I love this site, too..

thanks for showing all the lovely things and telling us about your great finds.

BY in Oregon


Beautiful baskets - I am intrigued what you will be doing with the small circles ?!???
What a good idea from Barb - I will try that!

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