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September 20, 2012



Holy Moly! You are a regular Anthony Bourdain! Donkey meat?! Your travel posts are the best. The eggs on a skewer are crazy.



When I read yesterday's post, I started wondering whether they still hang laundry out on poles and judging from your photo I guess the answer is yes. Of all the wonderful things I saw when I visited in 1984, I still remember the laundry hung on poles sticking out from practically every window. And today's post reminds me of the food. I'd love to go back someday. I'm glad you had a great trip!

Maureen from Ventura

Wow! This post was absolutely amazing!!


HA! I love that you took photos of all those crazy things on the menu! I actually wish we'd tried the "aunt Naked oats flour volume." I just read a post by another China blogger who listed those wheat flour noodles as a regional delicacy. They are supposedly delicious dipped in the fiery sauce. Next time! (PS - this was one of my favorite days too!) :-)


Wow -- I'm just loving these posts Jan. What a fabulous day! I love the picture of YOU at the end of the day. And I'm voting for option 2 for your smile!

Phyllis White

What a wonderful blogpost, I enjoyed it to the full, great story, woooooonderful pictures! What a great trip, I love it that you try (to do and eat) so many different things, use local transport etc. I am looking forward to more posts of your trip. Enjoy!


I must show my mother this post. My parents were in one of the first groups to go to China after it re-opened in the 80s, and I've heard so many stories ... I am loving reading yours.

Tonya Ricucci

Wow. thank you in particular for those menu shots. what an absolute hoot. there is something to be said for translating the meaning not literally. I love Kung Po Chicken and that looks mahvelous. mmmm.


Simply incredible. Now I really MUST plan to make the trip.


Wow!! What a post!! I'm going to make a cup of tea and look at all these wonderful photos again. Thank you so much for sharing them and the fun tales of your adventures. Your trip looks amazing!

Masami Kondo   from Japan

Although I was not able to understand a little English, I was very interesting.


China!!! Miss it terribly. Looks like you had a great time! Nice photos! Ah, the food. Those night markets! Swoon. Did you happen to pick up any dried kiwi? My friend and I picked up a couple packs ... and then ate most of them during our 22-hour train ride back to Beijing ... and I couldn't look at another for 3 months, but they're pretty good.


What wonderful pictures. So glad you all had a great time. Your tour guide is amazing. I can't wait to go back.


Thank you for taking us along on your trip - it seems you have had a wonderful time!
I love those English translations on the menu - it rivals anything you find on engrish.com ;-)

Lisa in Toronto

I can recommend the "aunt Naked oats flour volume" which may be called shotgun shell noodles if I recall correctly? One dips them in different sauces.
Unfortunately mosques in China are not open to non-Muslims, but the gardens were pretty if you have another chance in future.
Yum yum Xi'an noodles!


These,too,are fantastic...what a trip!! I have never seen any photos like these. It must be quite a place to see,not like anything else. The shopping is everywhere it looks like,did you or could you shop at all? If so,did you find much fabric,yarn? Looking forward to more!


I Love your photos and stories of China, how awesome!! I would love to visit just by your photos!! I would think it would be hard not knowing the language though. Can't wait for more!!


Looks like an amazing adventure. I could drink the beer, but I'm not so sure about that food! Loved the eggs on a skewer, that's crazy!


We visited China 3 years ago and found it fascinating. Thanks for the walk down memory lane.


Linda in NC

Thanks for sharing your fascinating trip. My son loved his visit to Xi'an; after seeing your photos I better understand why.


This makes me want to start planning a return trip for the girls. I also think there's a job to be had there writing English subtitles that actually make sense. Cracked up at your description of traffic and crossing roads. In an email home on our second trip I told family it was like the goal of all drivers in China is to never use the brake until they arrive at their destination.

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