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September 19, 2012



All I can think of Jan is...wow! What a trip!I have never seen anything like this,your photos are fantastic and this is so interesting.The details of that tomb is like nothing I have ever heard of. I am really going to enjoy reading about the rest!So happy you got to go,and I know the best part was being with your kids! Thanks for sharing your trip!


My daughter lives in Yantai-a small city of 3 million! I visited her last summer and stayed for 3 weeks. There is no way to explain China. You can only understand it if you have been there. I really enjoyed your photos. Thanks!

One Minnesota Quilter

You always have such interesting posts and great photographs. What a wonderful opportunity for you to be able to travel to such interesting places and visit with family too.
Thanks for sharing your travel adventures with us!

Celeste Benoit

Love you posting, especially about China being raw, chaotic, pulsating. I would add smoggy and grimmy. The picture of the hotel in Xian is nothing like the place I stayed on my visit. Maybe next time you can try a farm stay and a night in a kang with 3 others! Japan is much more refined.


Wow. Oh Wow! Welcome Home you lucky, lucky girl! Those warriors are amazing -- now I have a new location on my bucket list. Japan and China are extremely intimidating to me though -- maybe because I can't read the signs? Is it hard to get around? Did you visit any fabric stores???

More, More...please More!!!


glad to have you back! what a trip, I have always been fascinated with Japan and China....can't wait to hear and see more!
your DIL will be the most photographed women !
keep posting pictures and about your adventures on the trip please !


Wow. I am completely awe-stricken! Thank you for sharing this, Jan.

Tonya Ricucci

wow. love those warriors. glad you made it safely home. eeeek traffic.


Hi Jan,
Thanks so much for the pictures...more please?? One of our closest friends is in the state department there. He is blond and stands out like a sore thumb. Get the book, "Pretty Woman Spitting" by Leanna Adams. English teacher in China. She writes about being stared at all through her year-long adventure &other amusing details. Your DIL would probably enjoy this book very much.
Glad you're back safe & sound.


Great post! It's really tough to describe the chaos of China unless you've experienced it first hand. And even then words can't possibly do it justice. I'm still kicking myself for not taking video during that wild tuk tuk ride! I hope that you had a great adventure and that it didn't scare you off a return visit :)


Amazing photos of your trip. You visited some fascinating places.


When my mom and Dad were in China they experienced the same thing as your DIL. The country had only recently been opened to foreigners, so even 5'4" dark-haired mom drew attention, but my 6'1" blond, blue-eyed father was a 7 day wonder.


Wow! What an amazing adventure. I have always been fascinated by the terra cotta warriors - I hope to see them someday. Thanks for sharing your great photos and vivid descriptions!


Your photographs are amazing. I was fortunate to have been able to see this exhibit when I lived in Birmingham, and it was so incredible. Thanks for sharing!

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