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July 31, 2012



Beautiful Jan, just beautiful!! I know all the work you put into this for such a long time made it so special and what she wanted,and a huge success! I am so happy you shared this. I read Molly's wonderful blogs for many years,so I especially enjoyed seeing this chapter in her life!! So happy for you all.... Chito is a lucky guy,he married into a special family!I am sure Molly did the same...congratulations to you all!


What a beautiful wedding! Thanks for sharing the joy in their smiles!


Oh Jan! I have tears! What a gorgeous wedding -- and what fun! It all sounds SO perfect. Those months of planning and prep paid off -- the details are just beautiful. Molly and Chito look so happy and in love -- what an adorable couple. Congratulations to all of you!!!!


What FUN!!!! Everything and everyone was just beautiful. Loved it all, so tasteful and delightful. Thank you so much for sharing! (will most likely send your blog link to my daughters for inspiration ;)


It all sounds like so much fabulousness and such a happy celebration. Thanks for sharing these little pieces of the wedding. I loved a lot of the ideas like the clutch, the cookies and the photos. Molly looked beautiful.


Oh, Jan, it looks so wonderful!


It looks like a fabulous event. Best wishes to Molly and lots of love to you and your family!


It sounds like an amazing time, as weddings should be. I love the last pic of the couple, how beautiful!

Tonya Ricucci

beautiful and fabulous!


Congratulations to the whole family. What a beautiful wedding!

Sujata Shah

I enjoyed this post so much. Beautiful smiles all around. Congratulations!


So wonderful! And my favorite thing is Molly and Chito look like they were having so much FUN!


Lovely pictures - you all had a great time it seems! I was hoping for a picture of the mother of the bride, though ;-)


You can't help smiling looking at these photos. They are obviously so happy. This is a beautiful wedding.


I'm teary eyed reading this, Jan. It sounds like the absolute perfect wedding. Job well done, Mom! Congrats to the beautiful couple!

Rachele Stucker

Wow, those are lovely pictures! I had to leave a comment and mention that Martin & Osa Johnson, the explorers whose "I Married Adventure" book is featured on Molly's clutch, were my cousins. Martin's mother was my great-grandfather's first cousin, and our family are big Johnson fans. So nice to see that they have inspired others as well! There is a museum dedicated to them in Chanute, Kansas (The Safari Museum). It's a great little museum, and their story--especially Osa's--is fascinating. I lived in Japan, Korea and France after having grown up inspired by my famous explorer relatives, and I'm just thrilled that they were a part of such a special day!


Ahh, such sweet photos and so much happiness! Harrah to you and your family, and so happy for you all! I will always remember this as the year of the weddings.


I'm so far behind but found this while scrolling through my Google reader -- wow! congrats to all -- what gorgeous and fabulous photos! It sounded like it went off so smoothly, and everyone just looked like it was the best day for all! Yay yay!


P.S. good thing I wasn't there ROFL -- I would NOT have left the cookie table :)))

Pam Cope

Dear Jan, thanks so much for sharing your family and their wonderful day with us. Your daughter is so beautiful, I love her dress, the church, cookies, guest book and her QUILT! What did you wear? Best wishes to Molly & Chito on the next chapter in their big adventure.


Stunning! What a beautiful couple!


Judging by the gorgeous wedding photos, these two are destined for a long happy futuretogether. Their love for each other just glows. You must be one happy, proud Mum.


Wonderful!! So happy...

Andee in AZ

Love the guestbook idea...sent that on to my daughter in case she wants to remember to do that at her someday wedding!

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