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July 01, 2012



What an exciting week you have ahead of you. I hope you can slow down and relax and enjoy every moment of it. Best wishes to Molly and congratulations to Chito!

Pam Cope

How exciting and wonderful. The quilt is lovely, can't wait to see the wedding pictures, I hope you will share some of them. Take care, you will need a vacation when this is all over!


What a beautiful quilt! Yes, relax, slow down and enjoy yourself, too. It is over way to quick and you want to savor every moment.


Beautiful quilt! What a lucky couple to be receiving such a gift! Enjoy the celebrations!

Barb Robson

I was just thinking about you and wondering hiw everything was and the you are! Wishing you all a very happy wedding week with all best wishes to the bride and groom. Love the quilt!


Wishing you all a fantastic time!


So so pretty! I love the red that runs through it. Happy Wedding!!


Your wedding quilt is gorgeous!!! Happy wedding week, I'm sure everything will run smoothly and the big day will be perfect!

Sujata Shah

Have fun! Enjoy every moment.. The quilt is so beautiful!


Congratulations! Enjoy! The quilt is lovely. All best!


Sending the best of wishes for a wonderful wedding week!I'm sure it is all going to run smoothly,be beautiful,fun filled week! The quilt is gorgeous, can't wait to see the whole thing! Happy wedding to all!Please send my congratulations to Molly and Chito!


The quilt is wonderful - I'm sure the wedding will turn out marvelously, and you will all have many happy memories! Looking forward to seeing any photos you have to share!


You'd better post photos!

Warmest congratulations....while WE send Youngest to Tokyo!



Aleta Devaney

Hope all goes well Jan, Happy Wedding to Molly & Chito! Love the colors in the Wedding Quilt!
xxoo Aleta

Pat T.

Sending best wishes to your couple - such an exciting time! Will look forward to hearing more and any future tips you can offer...our families are heading down that same path in June of 2013...


I knew the big day was coming soon, glad you took a few minutes to show off the wedding quilt. Sending best wishes to the happy couple, family weddings are such an exciting time. Enjoy your company.


Enjoy every moment!

Jenny M

What a special time for your family. Best wishes to the soon to be married couple.


Enjoy all the celebrations!!


Oh Jan! It looks just as gorgeous as you envisioned it -- I can't wait to see the whole quilt! Have a fabulous week -- Congratulations to all of you!!!

Ann L

If your beautiful quilt is any indication, this marriage will be filled with joy! Best wishes to all.


You must be so busy!! I hope all goes well. The quilt is absolutely wonderful - such a beautiful gift!


Congratulations all round! Have a wonderful week...


Congratulations to the happy couple! Enjoy your wonderful week!


Best wishes for the wedding!
Beautiful quilt! Love the red and white spot.


What a beautiful quilt!!! Enjoy the wedding festivities and all the fun of having family around. Look forward to seeing pics of the wedding and more pics of the quilt!

Tonya Ricucci

wonderful! stress less, enjoy more!

Kitchen worktops guy

Oh, WOW. What a beautiful quilt!


Congrats and best wishes for a wonderful wedded life! And OMG on the quilt. You know how I love your color sense, this one is totally wowing me! Happy Days!


I am so excited! I want to see it all! And trust me, when it is over, you'll want to do it all over again, but in about ten years! Congratulations to all!


Have fun!!!!!


Trying to be patient, but seriously - pictures!!

Maureen from Ventura

Congratulations and best wishes to all!!


Congratulations! Please pass on my very best wishes to Molly, I used to read her blog when I lived in Japan, years ago, and am so happy to see that she and Chito are getting married!


Am catching up on my blog reading ... just wanted you to know how much I absolutely adore the wedding quilt. Congratulations to you all!!

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