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May 23, 2012



Wow what make was the couch that it held up that long? Have fun getting ready for the wedding.


I am amazed that a white couch can look so great after 28 years! I'm just not strict enough with my kids... Your lollipops will be wonderful on those red backgrounds - whenever you get them finished. Very cute picture of your kids with the mouse ears :0)


Your block look so nice together!
I have a wedding coming up too but not until August of 2013. They are a lot of work!

Barb Robson

Wonderful to have you back in blogland! Love the lollipops, I have been wanting to do one of those quilts forever, well since I first saw Kim's.
Al the best with the wedding plans and may the sun shine brightly!



Just a note of encouragement: regardless of how long it takes, this quilt is worth it. It's good to set goals, but not get crazy when it doesn't happen. I will look forward to any progress :). Good luck with all the other things in your life!

Lynne Gill

Jan this quilt is going to be beautiful. I catch my breath each time I look at the fabrics you've used. And you know, life intervenes...for all of us. I've just posted (about Japanese fabrics, coincidentally) and found some blocks which I started out enthusiastically ages ago - AND a pattern waiting in the wings with a BOXFUL of Taupe fabrics to be commenced....we have had stuff happening,and not as joyful as a wedding.

Go enjoy planning for this great event, the quilt - and your readers - will wait!


Oh I just love the red background for this quilt looks wonderful.
Can't imagine all your going thru. I totally agree the rest of your life comment. You have been going going going for a few years!
Thinking of you going thru all this!!! It will all be worth it. So nice to have them home again too.


Hummm. Can you ship it to France? One of ours has just collapsed and I love yours. It's crying out to have numerous quilts draped over it, which is probably why ours collapsed.

I've recently found a great Etsy shop selling Japanese fabrics. I bought some Paris based ones to compliment "some others I have".


You were quite revolutionary to have a white couch 28 years ago! Glad to see that life is still humming along. Your lollipop blocks are beautiful! No matter how long it takes to make them.


We are day 3 and counting! Tomorrow the full family of siblings and significant others will be here. We started tonight off with a barbecue for some of the wedding party. I am just smiling along, having a great time now that most of the prep is over. The Bride and her Maids of Honor are busy inventoring what has to go to the hotel and the rest of us are drinking wine and dancing. It's a great time and I know yours will be, too.

And seriously, my whole estimation of you has changed based upon your ownership of what looks like a pristine couch for 28 YEARS!!!


Jan, your blog is still my very favorite no matter how many (or how few) the posts. Living life should always come first, especially when it brings a wedding! Enjoy these next few weeks to the fullest.


The quilting will wait... a daughter's wedding is huge! I have a friend here in Tokyo in the opposite situation - living in Tokyo, and planning wedding for a daughter who is living in the states. Stressful and wonderful. Thanks for giving us a glimpse of your lollipops - fun, stunning!

Maureen from Ventura

Your lollipop blocks are wonderful! A white couch that was in use for 28 years, is quite a rarity!! Enjoy your new furniture. :-)

Tonya Ricucci

not to worry, Janice. it will all be okay. just a few more weeks to go. hang in there!


I shudder to think what a white couch would look like in my house after 28 years! Yours looks amazing, still. Your lollipop quilt looks great too. You may find this hard to believe, but you may miss the wedding planning. I do, just a bit, but its nice to get back to normal...


I thought you must have mixed up your photos and you were showing us the new couch! It looks so good! I really love your Lollipop trees done on a red background, brilliant!! Not long till the wedding...


How is that couch finished?? It (amazingly) still looks new!


I am a bit behind on your posts .., yeah, the couch thing is pretty amazing, but the hilarious shot of M and K with their Mousehats?! I laughed out loud at work when I saw it. Hysterical.

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