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April 03, 2012



It's beautiful Jan. Of course you got it.

mimi k

wow- so beautiful!


omg seeing all four blocks now I am so thrilled you listened to that little voice in your head, and your quilt friends :)
Now you need to go make a pattern from it and perserve it again for another 150 years and of course I want to buy that pattern , I even have the fabrics picked out :)
Kathie please :)


So beautiful! Congratulations! I'm charmed too. You did the right thing. ;)

Holly Alloway

Love it! And I second Kathie---please make the pattern! any of the history of it known?


How much for that doggy in the window? :)

It found the perfect home!


Penny J

Beautiful quilt! I'd love the pattern as well. Great find.

Jenny G.

It's lovely! I had the same problem a few weeks ago with a quilt at an estate sale. My husband talked me out of it, especially once I found a signed first edition of my favorite author to purchase at the same sale (which I did!) I still keep thinking about that quilt, though. Glad you got it!


What a post! You led us on with all the close up shots - when you finally showed the bottom quarter it took my breath away. What a fantastic quilt!! No wonder it was calling out your name. It is charming with all it's faded fabrics. The quilting is wonderful as well. It's been well loved and appreciated - makes me smile :0)

lynne at Textile Treasury

Breath-taking, Jan, of course you had to have it. I LOVE this quilt. Enjoy, and well done you for taking your courage - and wallet - in both hands and going for it!


what a joyful and fun design! I'm glad you got it :O


Some are called to religion, you have been called to be a historic quilt curator (any thing can be justified if it qualifies for a title)!

It's a beauty and ditto the previous comments to make a pattern for it. Consider this--if you do, then the purchase was business research (and tax deductible) and you can recoup the cost of the quilt in pattern sales. Score!! And a lovely one at that!


No wonder you had to keep going to see that quilt! It is stunning. I'm so glad it was rescued by you and that you shared all these glorious photos of it. What a well-loved and beautiful quilt!


Great choice and funny story! I'm sure you'll treasure this quilt for ages. And to think about how you've honored that very talented maker!

Tonya Ricucci

woohoo!!!! love that shade of green that you get in these wellworn quilts.


Only the prospects of wedding expenses would make someone hesitate on a beauty like that. So glad you followed your instincts. Loved taking the journey with you.


I love it! This is the first quilt I've seen with the blocks worked into the border, only 2 needed to be appliqued. How wonderful. This is a fantastic quilt and I can't wait to see how you re-create it!


Its lovely. I would have to say yes to everything you wrote. I guess we all do have a lot in common. :)


LOL LOL !!!I likes your logic!
Are you going to attempt repairs ?

wishes, true and kind

No regrets indeed! Well done :D !!!


WOW! You ARE a collector and it's GORGEOUS! What a fabulous find. Congratulations on providing a good home for that beauty!

Jan S.

You know you want something when it haunts you. You will always love this, and if you want to offset the cost, you could make up a pattern for sale. I can think of a couple of people who do just that. Thanks for all the pics; it's just wonderful!

Barb Robson

Simply stunning! So glad you let your impulse rule.


You are right- totally worth it!


Of course you did the right thing. I would buy the pattern in a heartbeat. Just lovely. Thank you for the pictures.


Not surprised.


That's love for you! I would have fallen for it too and I'm so glad you get to be the keeper of the quilt. Despite it being loved almost to death, the beauty still shines through with the quilting, the design, the colours and it still packs a punch. Thanks so much for sharing this treasure.


How cool is that quilt; I love it.


Yo had me at the first picture! It is gorgeous I am so glad you went back and got it. I feel like you "saved" it!!!


Wow, are you planning on making a pattern out of it and hosting an applique-along? If so, count me in! That would rock.


Such a beautiful quilt, there is a Kaffe Fasset fabric with a similar design, I wonder if he saw a quilt like yours and was inspired by it.

Vicky F

Oh yes!
A happy ending for the beauty queen quilt.


Wow... That quilt gives me stomach cartwheels. Am so glad you got it!!!


simply beautiful


I'd be unable to resist to. She's gorgeous.Any idea on date?

Jenny M

You heart must have been racing when you departed the shop with the gorgeous quilt in your arms! It is stunning.

Hannah Wellens

What a wonderful story! This quilt has her own life, she called you back! Congratulations and I'll be on the lookout for your 'to-be-published' pattern too. Hannah.


That quilt is just gorgeous I'm so glad for you that you went back and got it. I had the same thing happen to me with a kitten at the vet looking for a home. I saw her twice and couldn't believe no one else had taken her. I ended up ringing up and going to get her, love at first sight. Sometimes its just meant to be. (I'd buy the pattern too!)

Lynn Miller

Absolutely you did the right thing. I always say "how sorry are you going to be that you did not buy the quilt". Some are just haunting and do call your name. You are a rescuer, and have saved this beautiful quilt from an unknown fate. Thanks for sharing.


This calls out for a pattern... repairs would be futile! Easier to make another and love this one just the way it is! So glad you found her...


That quilt is gorgeous! I would have pulled out the checkbook, too!


Oh Yes, I have heard that voice many times. Please make a pattern! It's not hard at all. Check out how I did it in "Baltimore Garden Quilt." Please? Make a pattern!?!


Oh she's lovely!!! I hope she came home with you!

Linda in NC

So charming a presence. The heart as well as the head needs to be happy. Love the hearted basket!


Yes - this is one that can haunt you in your dreams if you don't save her. Happy to know she found a loving home - she is a true darling!!!

Ann Champion

That quilt would have haunted my thoughts too! I'm SO happy it was still there..waiting for you. Someone really poured their heart into making it? Congratulations it's just fabulous. :)


At least it was still there!! It's a terrific, charming, and lovely quilt!!


Totally understand! You could have presented this option to all of us as soon as you found it. We could have saved you sleepless nights by telling you to run & get it! :o)

It takes a special place in a quilter's soul.


A stunning quilt! Glad you got it!

Pam Cope

What a sweet quilt, so glad you finally listened to it calling you! I'm sure it will have a nice place to live near that sunflower quilt you got last year!

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