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April 27, 2012



Last I heard, they were working on the option of private carts. I don't currently have a board for my own projects, mostly b/c I don't want that sort of thing repinned into infinity! Heading over to follow you now!


Except....did I miss your Pinterest name?


I just ordered Gwen's book yesterday! I am anxiously awaiting its arrival.


Don't you just love the book. I am still sitting with every day looking at it and dreaming up of medallions! No not on pinterest yet. Still not sure how I feel about it. Kathie


Oh yes please for that pattern. I loved when I saw it for the first time and each time I go back it is better. So after the wedding if you have time it would be great. Have a lovely time at the wedding and may the rain stay away

Jeanne hughes

Jan, I so understand the wedding activities. We are at 26 days to go, with lists everywhere, painters, window washers, yard crew, new patio install next week...going with the flow is the best outlook! J

Tonya Ricucci

Janice... not to worry! glad you've been getting lots of visual input. I know what you mean about too much. I've been making lots of quilts in my head, but getting nothing down in fabric. but Pinterest still works as a de-stresser, so I'm gonna keep pinnin' in.


Such excitement! That book is great! I have a class with Gwen this summer and a retreat with her in October! I'm so excited. I might wait til the book shows up locally to get it, but I'm looking forward to it. I was on Pinterest and have left it. I have been sucked in by Instagram on my iPhone and find it to be quite an inspiration. Not in the quilty sort of way, but as a general art inspiration. I think I see things differently. Hope the wedding plans come together without too much stress. The last wedding I planned was my own and I doubt I'll have another for a good many years yet. Not to worry, Janice!

Jenny M

I am sure between your daughter & yourself arranging things for the wedding, it will all go smoothly. Do you have a friend that has gone thru planning a wedding? Maybe they could go thru your list and remind you of anything you may not have thought of or give you some ideas? Janice, not to worry.


Gwen Marston was one of the first quilt authors whose books I bought back in the 80's. So great to see she is still publishing. My sympathies for the wedding crush. We are t-minus 3.5 weeks and counting.

Pinching myself that it's actually happening!


I am on Pinterest. Most of what I pin is technology oriented anymore. It started out one way and now is going another. I also do the library pinterest boards. Obviously geared toward books, events, etc.

You will have a wonderful wedding. As you well know the build up is huge and they are gone in minutes. Get a good photographer.


Who would have ever thought Ramesh would have been so smart? It's good to see you pop in. I heard Pinterest is working on private boards -- I hope so. I don't pin my own stuff (well, I did for my very first pin, just to practice) -- it just seems a little too braggy somehow. Maybe I'll change my mind someday. Have fun with the wedding planning!

Sujata Shah

I love Pinterest. I resisted for sometime but ever since I started pinning, I never have looked back.
As far as keeping a board for my own stuff. I do have one. It helps me see it all at once. Decide on direction I want to go next. Make necessary changes for my own good.

Have a wonderful time getting ready for Molly's wedding. It is going to be perfect!


I've got too much of an addictive personality, so I definitely stay away from sites like Pinterest and FB. Time suckers for me. I love both these quilts, your Sunflower piece is constantly lurking in the back of my mind, I've revisited your post on it many time! Yeah Ramesh, great adivse to the M.O.B.


I just bought that book too and really enjoy it.
I would love to make that sunflower quilt...I remember when you first posted about it, my jaw dropped!


I am so happy you like Gwen's Medallion book! Anything Gwen Marston writes is wonderful. I have 2 quilts in Liberated Medallions. I just can't get over that. I like Pinterest, but it sure can be a time suck!

Good luck with the wedding!


Really enjoyed your post - my daughter's wedding was last Saturday and it turned out beautifully! I'm so glad you are enjoying the journey - that's what I tried to do and it worked out great. Such happy memories!

Lisa in Toronto

I will try to remind myself not to worry more often!
Thanks for telling us about Ramesh' suggestion.
I hope spring is beautiful where you are - we are having a very nice one in Toronto so far.

doni boyd

I am addicted to Pinterest! During the rainy months here - a friend accused me of never leaving the site! It's sunny now - but I still wander over for a visit everyday!

The secret of a great wedding is plan like a madwoman; prepare for a BIG party and then when it starts - the company arrives - simple sit back, relax and enjoy! People will remember how it felt more than if it was perfect in every way!!

But - yes, get a good photographer. Make sure they don't process the shot to B&W before cropping - they hate to go back to color for you if they have to restart from the beginning! Yep, you know how I know this!!

Enjoy and see you Pinterest!

doni @ Oregon coast

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