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February 07, 2012



Thank You for these wonderful posts on the Tokyo Quilt Festival. I travelled from Australia (firt time to Japan) to attend the quilt show, which was amazing. However I knew I was missing a large part of the experience in not being able to read the Japanese titles, signs etc. Your posts have really helped me gain a more 'complete' understanding. I just wanted to say thank you, for your words and thoughtfulness in putting this together.


thanks for all the great photos. i have linked to you on my blog.


I am completely holding out for the flickr set, but this post captivated me completely! The Tokyo quilt show is on my Bucket List!

Dianne Crumbaker

The photos are wonderful. Thank you for posting.


Wow Jan -- it looks like such a fabulous show. I'm thinking you should be a tour guide for Americans quilters to the show. ;-D Thanks, as always, for all of the beautiful pictures!


Thank you for taking us there! The Saito quilt in shades of gray and the "Messengers of Happiness" quilt were my faves!

Tonya Ricucci

Wow! I love that mola quilt - fabulous. Japanese quilts are always so stunning for the amount of exquisite detail. sigh.


Thank you for taking us along on your trip! The rooms are so beautiful--it is very inspiring!


Thanks for the awesome guided tour.


An incredible show, thank you for the pictures. I will have to come and visit one day!


Just incredibly beautiful quilts! Thanks for showing them to all of us!!!


Thank you for the photos and explanations. I will return to this post - reading it was like returning to the show in person, with someone (you!) knowledgable about the various teacher/artists. I already look forward to next year's show!


Thank you Thank you I looked at the Flickr pictures last night. you do a wonderful thoughtful job of presenting this magnificent show. I am so inspired.


Thanks for all the wonderful Flickr photos...makes me feel as though I was there.


These rooms present the best Japanese quilt artists that I know but I understand your frustration not to be able to approach some of these masterpieces...
Thanks again for your posts and Flickr photos, they make us dream !

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