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February 23, 2011



You must spill it. Where are you landing?!?


I loved reading your post with a cuppa, thanks for sharing it all, if onlyI could be there in the flesh one day.

Mary Keasler

Wonderful commentary. Oh to be there in person. Thanks again for sharing for all the rest of us. Have a safe move to wherever it may be and keep us all posted. I always look forward to what you have got going on.


Wait ... what?!? You're moving? (goes back an entry) ... ah.

You're moving! I hope you can tell us where soon ... and wishing you all the best in this crazy market.


Oh gosh -- I've been thinking about you and wondering how things have been going! How fun that you have Japanese friends that you can visit on your visits to Japan. It looks like you had a wonderful trip. I can't wait to see what you bought!


Gosh! Your eyes must have been overwhelmed!
It's always amazing to see your photos of this show.


Jan, what a nice write-up of the show. I forgot that you took those pictures of the Labors of Love booth! Things slowed down so much towards the end of the show. Hope to see more of you next time.


What? Again?!?!? It only seems like yesterday when you were showing photos of the Hostas and unpacking.

Great post. Thanks for the photos.


I love that last quilt!! the colors are so pretty! And very creative. Also didn't you just move? Where are you going this time?


thanks for the new photos. Mary always has great quilts in her booth.
I have this show on my life list, but someone told me it's a 10,000 dollar trip. Can that be true?

Tonya Ricucci

total amazingness. love those antique quilts. sigh,


Thanks for sharing the details of your trip for those of us for whom a trip to Japan is a distant dream. Especially the quilty details!

Sujata Shah

You are so fortunate to be able to go to the show! I always come away with so much after reading your post. Those antique quilts are amazing! I have been enjoying your flickr photos of the show. Thanks for sharing them.


After looking at all these quilts and looking at what is displayed at an American show like Paducah I am struck by how rigid and simple American quilts are by comparison. Japanese seem so much more adventurous with their use of color and printed fabrics.


Thanks for sharing your experiences reading your blog has started a love afair with the art of Japanese quilters.

Do you or anyone know if in Japan quiting is typically done by hand?

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