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February 28, 2011



Just love the Yuwa European candy print and the Two colorways of odd advertising-themed Yuwa print and Two colorways of tiny shoes plus Yuwa travel print :-).Oh and the precuts are gorgeous too as well as Koseki text prints
Sounds like you had a fabulous time :-)
Wish I fit into the suitcase
Enjoy lots of fabric fondling :-))

Schnoobie(susan atwell)

umm ...Yeah, all of it!! LOL!
Seriously great stuff. Thanks for the fabric shopping tour!


Hi Jan, As always, your fabric choices are "deliciously" wonderful! They're so bright and colorful that they remind me of some fabulous candy shop or a wonderful fruit stand. Yummy! I would have brought all that home, and probably more. Thanks for sharing. I hope that you are able to find time to start using all those lovely new fabrics, in spite of the impending house sale and move. Best regards and happy stitches! Jay


Great fabrics and what a shopping experience you must have had.
Personally, I always "sweat" when it comes to fabric - though as women we are supposed to "glisten" - and then I get very hungry!
Here in conservative upper midwest, we will probably never see such a fun variety! So thanks for sharing.


The text prints. Definitely the text prints - all of them. And perhaps the black and white pre-cuts.

I'm sitting here drooling.


Great choices! FYI, the green train themed one bleeds a TON if you haven't already washed it. I have soaked mine at least 10 times already and it is still changing the water. I used the sneakers for the center of my new coaster set too. I'll upload new photos soon!


Wow -- you have such a great eye for fabric Jan. I LOVE the little shoe print and the prints in the last picture. And your word prints. And...oh, all of it. Great Fun!

Tonya Ricucci

so much fun! always love these posts. I'd definitely have scored all the text prints and the little shoes. I love that "shop the old stuff" - what a hoot. ooh, and some eiffel towers from La Clochette. so will these new prints eventually (when you have time again!) go in your squares and triangles quilt full of japanese fabrics? love love love that one.


How did you contain yourself? I would have gone nuts!


Which ones? All of the ones you brought home! :-) Fabrics with text get me every time. LOVELY, LOVELY, LOVELY selections! Have fun petting those and considering their futures.


Beautiful fabrics! I would have definitely brought home some of the Keiko Goke brights -- but anything with orange is a winner for me. The European candy prints are also irresistible!

Ann Champion

What fun fabrics! I love the ones with text too..they always catch my eye.
I think some of the Goke prints would have come home with me as well?
I love the Yuwa prints especially.
I think I would have looked for indigos too?


Text, text, text!! It's so difficult to find those quirky text prints here.
I look forward to seeing each one you bring home from your travels.
Enjoy your new fabric!

Kristin L

I'd have to beat my way into Suzuko Koseki's booth! The newspaper style text, the sketchy flowers and the pinstripes -- oooooh!! I would have had to get the handwriting on checks too, of course.


I think I would have been happy to trot along behind you. It's all wonderful and will look so great in your projects. Thanks for sharing.


I loved all your choices and yes, I'm jealous, jealous, jealous!
I'm going to a quilt show this saturday and hoping to bring home a few treasures of new fabric.


Great choices as usual. It is so fun to see what other people choose to buy, and this time I think I would have followed your lead - all those great text fabrics, especially the newest Koseki ones, are great! And Keiko Goke's fabrics, and those tiny shoes! Lots of lovely inspiration there, I bet. Have fun with it!


Wow! What a treasure trove!!
I love the little shoes!


hi jan! your blog is looking gorgeous, as always. i just wanted to say thanks for all the traffic from your site. more people have visited my blog from your blog than any other place! :)


What would I have brought home? Exactly the same stuff, and now it would live at my house instead of yours. I love all those text motifs too. And everything else is just beyond fabulous too...

nancy canady

About your brightly colored hexies...is that a certain fabric line? Or is it several different lines? I love the bright colors becausse it looks more modern than the usual 30s fabrics.

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