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January 28, 2010


Lazy Gal Tonya R

That is so exciting. Mentally jumping up and down in excitement for you to meet with Keiko again and to see all those wonderful quilts.


I clicked over to Keiko's post and I understood every word! (Ok, not really, but I understood the pictures.) Looks like you had a fabulous time. I can't believe the workmanship on some of the quilts you've shown -- just fantastic!


...All those lovely things to look at and do you know what I like best? Seeing a picture of YOU.


I love how it sounds totally normal in your story that I just "came by"... when the place is huge AND a mob scene!


As someone who is completely new to quilting, I was so pleased to come across your blog - and I never imagined to see such amazing quilts!! Not just from Tokyo, but from looking back at yours too - absolutely fantastic and totally inspiring. I have so far only done the 'bog standard' patchwork quilt so far (which you can see on my blog!) but I can quite understand how you can get hooked on quilting - I found it a really fun process, with lots and lots of sewing and with fabulous results (hopefully!).


What a great day! Thanks for sharing the pictures of the quilts. I think the best thing, though, is that lunch!


I'm so jealous! What a wonderful experience to have had. Maybe next year...

Pam Cope

So amazing and inspiring, thanks for sharing. I am wondering if it is just your taste in the quilts you photographed, or if most of these quilts are hand quilted? It seems that here in the US most quilts are now machine quilted, but what I see from your photos is all hand quilting. I got out my hand quilting project which has been gathering dust, thinking about it in a new perspective.


How wonderful for you!
Everything there is so beautiful, even the food!
See you soon...


Thank you for sharing your images from the International Quilt Festival again.
It must have been such a treat to meet Keiko Goke. I admire her work too and have her first book.
That Nagi quilt is amazing when you think of al the painstaking fussy cutting that has gone into it to create the image, and I must say that your lunch is one of the prettiest nine-patches I have seen in a long time ;-)

HongYing Chang

I have heard much about the Tokyo quilt exhibition but have not had a chance to attend. Am planning on coming in 2011. can i get in contact with some quilters to advise me on how to join a tour after the exhibition to see yur quilt museums and shops/factories where your fabrics are dyed.
i have never visited Japan but would dearly like to, am from Australia.


Carolyn Foley

Thanks for all the fantastic photos you have posted. Just inspiring. But I think I will challenge you as Keiko Goke's No 1 fan. I did a workshop with her in New Zealand a few years ago. Quilting has never been the same.


I think that the Quilt Exhibition will be from January 13-22 in 2011. Can someone confirm this? I would also like to find out whether there are any other places such as factories/shops/studios that I can visit during that time. I am from Perth, Western Australia.

Henriette Bhowmick

I am also looking for the dates for the 2011 exhibition, the Tokyo Dome site only gives dates about 6 months in advance. Your post is very interesting! I am from the Netherlands


I see the dates of Jan 13 - 22 posted above for the 2011 dates, but I think that is wrong. I think the dates are Jan. 21 - 29, 2011. Can anyone verify that?

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