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December 10, 2009



Glad to hear M is home. I love your wagon wheels? Are they paper pieced? I get the "odd lot" comment, my non quilter friends, not so much! Looking forward to more great posts.


This will definitely be year you will long remember. Glad to hear he is doing better.

The wagon wheels are gorgeous, can't wait for the finished product.

Love, love the Japanese quilts! She is pretty amazing and prolific especially since they look like they are very time consuming.


Those are amazing quilts, particularly in the last picture where they look like oriental carpets.

Glad your husband is getting better. I will tell his story to mine, who is prone to pneumonia, but has taken a tough guy attitude in the past. He needs to know the risks.


It's good news that M is home, thank goodness. What a nice viwe you have in the spare room, it looks wonderful,I love that block. I drooled over the Japanese quilts, amazing.

Ann Marie

Great view! I quite like those wagon wheels. I hung my favorite quilt on the wall opposite my bed so it would be the last thing I see at night and the first thing I see in the morning. Greater potential for sweet dreams and starting the day off right.

I really enjoy your blog.


SURGERY??? Ohmygosh Jan -- the whole ordeal sounds awful. So glad to hear that M is home now. Thanks for the Japanese quilt link -- those quilts are amazing!


I'm SO glad to hear that your husband is now home and doing better. Wow! What an ordeal. May you both now enjoy the Christmas season!


Here's hoping he's on the mend!


Oh good gravy! We have oddly parallel lives, Jan. My husband has been in and out of commission since the weekend before Halloween and also required surgery though not an 8 day hospital stay. Though he was so cranky, I was kind of hoping! Plus someone turned 9 and we marked his 3 year Type 1 dignosis (he is doing so well that our pediatrician told us that he has never seen overall numbers so good- yay us!). And the husband has been sleeping the the guest room...to recover.

Now if we are both renovating at the same time (now), that would be downright spooky!

Here is to a calm and restorative holiday season.



mimi k

So glad for the update. I've been thinking of you. Hopefully your holidays will go well from here on in!

Pam Cope

Thanks so much for all your sharing, I love to peek in my sewing room last thing at night, I sit in there to write in my journal, just to look around at all my projects and fabric. ALso thanks for sharing all the japanese info. Now my goal is to go to the International Quilt Festival in Tokyo. Maybe I'll see you there! That lady's quilts are amazing! look how many she has hanging... it looks like an oriental rug store! Happy Holidays to you and your family.

Lazy Gal Tonya R

Eight days in the hospital??? yikes. I feel for you both. Hope the rest of the year is stress and illness-free and you can enjoy the holidays. love your blocks. you can speak for me too - I'm odd ;-)


Maybe you should move that design wall to your bedroom...
I'm glad your hubby is safely home.

Lemon Tree Tami

I'm so glad to hear that your lovely M is back home from the hospital. That must have been a very trying time for you. It's terribly hard when your beloved is hurting. Here's to a happy and healthy holiday.


Wow, that is utterly insane. I am so glad you both got through it alright in the end! I'm stressed out just reading that.

I hope everything goes well from here on out, and you have some fantastic holidays!


I'm glad to hear that things are getting back to normal a bit for you!
GORGEOUS wagon wheels and i was nearly hyperventilating at those fantastic japanese quilts - they are amazing!!


I'm glad to hear that your husband is better - that must have been quite a scare for you!
Your wagon wheel quilt looks promising and certainly makes for a nice view from the guest bed. And thanks for the link to the Japanese quilter - her work is amazingly detailed.


Ohhh thank you for the links! Absolutely gorgeous quilts. What a talented lady!

I certainly hope M is well on the road back to a full recovery.

The quilt of yours is amazing!! Those circles really pop!

SEO Los Angeles

What a very nice quilt. Love it!!!

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