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May 11, 2009



Welcome back, you've been missed! Glad you had a wonderful visit.Molly has a beautiful smile I know how much you must miss it when she leaves.Love the squares,so colorful makes me want to make a few. I still have 5 afghans from my Mom.The last one she made was from a pattern in a magazine for a Trip Around the World afghan she made it for our bed,a queen size.We never could use it, it weighed a ton,really!I am south of Boston so the fabric stores in my area are few and far between, I will check to see what I can find, seem to remember something in Cambridge awhile back.Will also look for shows there are always vendors and that means fabric!Does she know what she's getting into? :-)


Quilter's Way in Concord is a nice shop, and has a good selection of fabrics.

I'm loving the colors in your afghan ... I'd be tempted to start squaring away myself, but I have a knit blanket to finish first. Oh, and my crochet skills are subpar at best. That's a complicating factor.


Oh, it sounds like you had such fun. Time spent with your daughter is such a treat! Shopping like that would wear me out, too, but I understand the need to shop for clothes when the opportunities are limited.


Keepsake Quilting in Center Harbor, NH has just about everything you could ever want in quilting fabric. Near me I have Saftler's in Whitman and they've got a very nice selection, too.

Lazy Gal Tonya R

So glad to have you back and glad you were away having fun!


If she ever gets down to New York City, I can give a big thumbs up to The City Quilter - it's a great space, nice selection of fabric, and very helpful staff.

The afgan pattern is fantastic! I need to relearn how to crochet.


Pretty colors in the afghan! How funny, I usually go the opposite direction of your daughter - bring an empty suitcase every time I visit Asia [in my case, China or HK or Taiwan] and leave with clothes that actually fit me! Luckily I've been experimenting with refashioning clothes recently, but still.

If she looks up Boston fabric stores in Yelp, there's one or two with a nice selection of fabric within Boston, I think. There are certainly discount fabric stores.


Your crochet colors are SO pretty. Seeing these blocks all over makes it very tempting to start one of my own!


Nice squares! Some of my friends at work have said that they are starting to look forward to seeing what new clothes I am going to wear each day and they are placing bets as to when they are going to start seeing repeats!


Indigo, yes!
(Like I know...)

Molly is just too damn cute!


my suggestions:

1) Quilter's Stash, North Attleboro, MA.
it's a large shop with a good selection of fun modern lines. (i posted about it with pics last summer: http://littleshika.blogspot.com/2008/08/quilters-stash.html)

2) Portsmouth Fabric Co., Portsmouth, NH
a small shop but it's crammed with fabric.

3) Tumbleweeds, Barnstable, MA (Cape Cod)
There are 2 locations-- the one in Pembroke is smaller with mostly country/homestyle fabrics, and the one on the cape is BIG and wonderful with more hip fabric lines and tons of notions. They're the only shop in southeast MA that carries Quilts Japan.

there are 2 other new quiltshops on the cape that i haven't been to but heard good things about, and then there are 2 other older (more established) shops on the cape that I wasn't thrilled with.
there is also a shop in Quincy, MA (south boston) that might be worth a look.

have fun!!


Talk about shop till you drop! Sounds like you had a great time. I'm enjoying the crochet colour on your blog today!

mimi k

Here are a few places she can get to on the bus- Right around the corner from my house in Arlington, is the Fabric Corner. They have a huge selection of batiks and lots of other stuff too. Also the Cambridge Quilt Shop- they have a very nice range and you can get there on the bus. I would also recommend Yelp- great suggestion.


Welcome back! Sounds like a busy but fun visit with your gal! Love the granny squares. I caught granny fever and was just winding umpteen balls of cotton for some hexagons (cuz I'm an optimist). Indigo sounds like a superb border. And what kind of yarn are we using?


Welcome back! You were definitely missed. Can't wait to see photos from the Quilt Show. I love granny squares, too!!! Wish I could crochet... no patience for it.

Barb Robson

Glad to have you back.
Should your niece venture a little further north she should visit Cottonweeds in Freeport, Maine http://www.cottonweeds.com/ and Alewives fabrics in Nobolboro,Maine http://www.alewivesgallery.com/
All this talk about NE quilt shops makes me yearn for a road trip!
Barb in Nova Scotia


I can second the Cambridge Quilt shop and I think there is still a fabric store or two left at the edges of Chinatown in Boston. Your niece might want to take a walk around that neighborhood - and perhaps a trip to Windsor Button on Winter St (also downtown). It might be rather hit or miss in the fabric stores. A bit like shopping in Filene's Basement used to be - you never know what you might find.

Glad to see you are back! I think I just might have to start some granny squares today!


Whoops! Windsor Button is on Temple Place, not Winter St.


ohhhh ahhh

nice crochet. Yes I'd go indigo. Or cream. It'll make it fresh.


Could Molly be ANY MORE stunning?????????


Hey there! We've missed you. Happy that you have had such a good time with Molly!

The crochet bug has hit me too, I am crocheting hexagons...duh. This time tiny in Koigu.

I've been stumped by that first post back too. Think it has been two months...sigh. Maybe this will be the push I need to get back on the blogwagon.


As an almost-twenty-something quilter in Boston (I turned 30 a month ago), I've been somewhat frustrated with quilt shops that are truly local (many of the suggestions are places I've wanted to visit, but they're a bit far). A great business idea: open a hip, modern fabric store *in* Boston city limits! That said, Fabric Corner and Cambridge Quilt Shop are not bad. Fabric Corner has a large selection of basic fabrics, including some nice Martha Negley and Kaffee Fassett fabrics. Cambridge Quilt Shop is more likely to carry some of the name-brand modern fabrics, and the shop folks are nice and knowledgeable. Not exactly a "young" crowd though. Honestly? I'd tell her to look online. That's where I get the majority of my fabrics and the prices end up being about the same.

Welcome Back!


Good to "see" you again. Love the crocheted blocks--one more technique I have never learned, but seeing blocks like these makes it all very tempting.

So glad you had a great visit with your daughter. Mine's visiting in two weeks!

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