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May 27, 2009



I love to hand quilt too,though SMALL ones, the large ones are too much these days. I have another Amish top I bought in Lancaster many years ago that I am working on. A small Trip Around the World,about 15"X15".Very pretty colors, half done, already completed one.I have that Ott light too, it stays by my chair, can't live without it! Mine has a maginfier, perfect for everything! Enjoy yours! Can't wait to see the quilt!


I LOVE my OTT light!!! I had one of those table top ones but it was a pain, not big enough to light over my shoulder.


The ott light makes such a difference at night and it's good to see a bit of hand quilting going on there. I loved seeing your granny a day from the last post too.


I don't like to hand quilt (I cheat and have mine quilted) but I could stitch on bindings for days. Don't know why. I did one and swore not to do it again. My hat goes off to people who do it though because it looks so nice.


You make it sounds so wonderful I think I want to do it by hand, too. It can't be any slower than sitting in a pile not being machine quilted.


Oh you lucky girl. I love the quilting process too, but like you, it seems to have been pushed aside. Can't wait to see your finished quilting!


Yay Jan! Welcome back to quilting. I have enjoyed watching your other projects blossom, but quilting was why I first came to your blog (has it really been years?!!) :)


Good tools make all the difference between enjoying or abhorring hand quilting. I once quilted a dense feather motif with black thread on black fabric. The only place I could see to work on it was in bed, with the natural light of a nearby window, during the limited daylight hours when I wasn't at work!

Congratulations on your savvy purchase.May it bring you hours and hours of hand quilting pleasure. Just one question. Do the OTT lights get hot?


It's great that you are enjoying the process so much.

amy lobsiger

Ahh, hand quilting, it evokes such a peaceful passing of time. I've always loved the look of hand quilting but lacked the stick-to-it-ive-ness (?). I hand quilted my DQS5 quilt also and was just giddy with the result. Of course, it was dense echo quilting that made me so happy. I think I need to do some big-stitch quilting and fall in love with that... Say, it's wonderful to see some of your fabrics up close on this project too. Love that quilt!

Lazy Gal Tonya R

hurrah, keep going with the hand quilting! and the piecing. (forget about that knitting stuff - hee hee hee)


looks goood so far, dude. can't wait to see the finished product!! :)


I agree I love hand quilting and I was given by Dh a large free standing decorative ott light a few years ago and love it. It is also great because I can have it over my quilt frame, over my hand appliqué and it does not stick out like a sore thumb in my family room.


Yay for you Jan. I own three standing Ott lights, all courtesy of JoAnns. One next to every chair I sew in. I'm a total convert. I can't do any hand sewing without it. I splurged on a fancy copper decorative one for the living room :) Loving the colors in that quilt!


I already have a tabletop Ott light. You sold me--I see a standing Ott in the future!

sonja poor

I loved the Robot Quilt (and maybe never commented). Thanks for a look back. ENJOY the handwork.


I couldn't live without my Daylight lamp....and hand quilting is so meditative and relaxing....love it.....keep up the gfood work.


I have 2 Verilux floor lights. Can't live without them as they make a huge difference. I also have a travel size Ott that I use often too but I really like the light coming from over me and behind me.

I've never hand quilted though - I'm a quilting beginner - but maybe one day!

Magnolia Bay Quilts

Hand quilting is so enjoyable, but like you, I've tossed it aside for other things. Mostly because it takes me forever to finish a quilt that way.

I have an Ott light in my sewing room. Mine is not terribly attractive, either, but it sure makes it easier for me to see.


Good for you!! I too love the soothing rhythms of handwork far more than machine work... Of course, it goes slowly, but the effort is surely worth it. :)


I have to say I stepped away from hand-quilting about 15 years ago when I took a class from Diane Gaudynski and learned that it was possible to get a traditional look from machine quilting, AND get more quilts quilted to boot. But the quiet rhythm of handwork is surely a joy I've missed. And my machine-quilted output hasn't been so hot lately either. Enjoy, enjoy!

Michelle Joans

Yeah for hand quilting!!!!!

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