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May 19, 2009


Magnolia Bay Quilts

The colors are wonderful! Your afghan is going to be so pretty! Can't wait to see all the little squares put together.


the colors are beautiful and the elimination was a good call. Nothing wrong with a little control. The proof is in your results which are always wonderful!


Coincidentally, I have the same yarn in four springey colours at home, waiting to be turned into granny squares as well. Now I wish I understood the instructions the shop sent with the yarn. And I would like to know the yield from one skein. What do you think? How many four-row-squares per skein?


Yup, i've also been bitten with the crocheting bug in the last couple of weeks too!!!


I'm biting the crochet bug too,yours look so fantastic, I love those colors.Any special pattern for them, it looks like 8? chains in the center? Is there a site with the info? My local shop doesn't carry the yarn but I can order it from Colorful Stitches in Lenox MA it's a beautiful shop we stop at when we go to Tanglewood, I have to save so I can have some fun there! Did you decide on the border color yet? Did you order the Indigo? That sounded beautiful,different from the old Granny I have here made in primary colors & black border.I have a brown bordered one with aquas and greens, and a pastel all from grannys sqs. The other two are sort of granny, a different pattern for sqs. I love you colors you have a great eye for color!


that's the same yarn (i think) that melanie used in the ripple afghan she made me and it's really wearing well.


Jan, I knew there was something else I liked about you (although I had a sneaking suspicion you were a perfectionist well before you 'fessed up). I suffer from the same affliction and have put projects on hold for years while searching for the "perfect" fabric to round out a grouping. Sometimes it's been worth the wait. Other times, it's just been a waste of time. I admire people who can jump, head first, into a project without the paralyzing preplanning I put myself through. That being said, however, I am continually drawn to your work. Whatever editing you do in the process is based not only on your artistic training, but also on your extraordinary instinct for color, texture and pattern. Keep the control ~ it's workin' for ya!


I think the colors you have working are fabulous and I'm so glad you left in the tangerine...perfect pop! Now to be honest, of the new colors I love the blue and purple and the yellow might work...but I think the spice is gonna take you into a whole other iffy area. I'll be happy to be pleasantly surprised!


Glad you kept the Tangerine -- I love it in that mix.


Being a perfectionist is a curse! Believe me, I know. But even a non perfectionist could see that the pink and yellow were a no go for this project.


Yes about the red. And that orange sure is zippy! I think it's just what the doctor ordered.


Color is such a subjective thing--I find myself adding and subtracting on projects too, for very nebulous reasons. Make that--for reasons I don't even fully understand. Seeing squares like yours and like some of the others I've seen online REALLY makes me want to give crochet a go. My grandma would be pleased--she tried to teach me when I was a kid but it just didn't take at that point.


Beautiful colors Jan! I think they all go very pretty together. I would definitely have pulled the yellow too. ;-)

Crafty Gardener

You have inspired me to get out my granny squares and start again. I'm not sure if I'll get one a day done, but you never know.

Ivory Spring


I just stumbled across your blog, and had enjoyed the visit. You have a very nice blog!


You bad, bad girl!

I just gave away ALL my yarns - simplifying my life!

And now, this!

Your colorway is divine! Must make it myself!

Good thing the yarn store is closed today....


Ooooh, love your squares. I've been on a crochet kick (no, obsession) lately myself. It's so darn addictive. Your yarn colors are absolutely yummy. Can't wait to see the afghan all done-done!!!


lovely, lovely


hey, I like all the colors. My squares are quite bright and I'm not sure that I was thinking through how I'm going to edge them -- and I don't want to buy any more yarn. But I don't think I'm going to whip stitch them together ... I have a 30+ year old hexagon afghan that did not make the "get rid of pile" -- I had underestimated the family comfort level on it! It is at the dry cleaners right now -- it is huge, has stuff sticking out the back, but was well loved (and in storage for 15 years and survived!)

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