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April 12, 2009



Cute! Do you know who made the bird fabric?


thanks for the link .... and then I'm still waiting for my Pfaff to return from a tune=up .... I think I told you I had to order a power cord as we never found it in the unpacking!


Very cheery bags!


very adorable! Hope that you had a lovely Easter! And that someone gave you a big chocolate bunny :)


Those are really cute!


Hahaha -- I would have NEVER guessed that the fabric you were playing around with on your last post would turn into these little baskets. Very cute -- I love your selection of fabrics. I hope you've had a very nice Easter!

amy lobsiger

And if you make one of these using 3" squares instead of 2", you'll have a honkin' long, floppy basket. Just FYI. Brought to you by the Been-There-Done-That Dept.


So cute! I've been wanting to make something similar. I can think of tons of uses for them.


I really like these "big ear" baskets, and yours are made in my favourite bright colours too - thank you for the link!


Very cute! Fresh and springy--I love the linen with the bright prints.


Those are so cute!


Those are so adorable. Maybe you could just make a few and sell them to those of us who are sewing-challenged?!


They are WONDERFUL! Wish I didn't have this allergy to sewing.....


These baskets are SOO cute!!! I have yet to make one, but I am never disappointed in the final results I see on blogs.


oh perfect... I need to make some birthday presents for little girls...

thank you!


Oh these are fantastic! More basket than purse. How awesome! I love your color choices.


Wonderful baskets... and thank you for the nice comments on my blog. I visited a friend in the Pacific NW this weekend and her house was a quilter's heaven - I thought of you, my new blog friend, and all your delightful post... :)


Adorable! I can see baskets in my future! Wouldn't they be cute for sock knitting? A cute little baskets just sitting there ready to be picked up....you always inspire me! Hope you weather is beautiful there, it's fantastic here in Boston.


Thanks so much for posting the link to that great tutorial. I had good fun this afternoon making a basket and, like an earlier commenter, can say that the slightest difference in square size makes a basket of rather different proportions. I'll follow the instructions *to the letter* next time!


I will need to make about 20 of these just to get them out of my system.


These are so cute!

Scribbles & Bits

Very cheery! I wonder: if I make some of these for the theatre, maybe pople will be more willing to recycle their programs!


Love your cute baskets!

Geri Barr

Hi Jan,
Your baskets are really gorgeous! I love your colour choice, especially the cherries. Will see if my 10 year old would like to make one with me. They look a good size too. Have fun with Molly. Geri.


I LOVE those bags. Unfortunately, I have just started knitting so I am in no condition to start quilting. But your blog has gotten me so inspired, I just feel like leaving knitting aside and start quilting something!

But obviously it just can't be that easy.


those are so cuuuuuuute. i want one.

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