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March 04, 2009



I've heard that Wii injuries are more common than one would guess! :)

amy lobsiger

Imagine me running like OJ over to the Quilts Japan site...


I had the greatest visual of you hurtling a bank of seats with scandalized knitting grannies in them! I've done it myself in the Vegas airport...yarn trailing behind me...

Sarah Fielke

Hey thanks for the plug on the book, so glad you like it!!


just love this book too, I posted about it a few weeks ago
one of my favorite books in the past 6 months or so...
now where do you buy the Japanese quilt magazines?

Lazy Gal Tonya R

I wish the Japanese quilting magazines would issue an english language edition like Quiltmania does. hope you got some sun while you were in the South and that it's not too snowy miserable there in Chicago.


I too like the Material Obsessions book... BUT that 7-sisters variation in the Japanese magazine - AWESOME!


Thanks for the recommendations Jan -- like you, I've slowed way down on my books and magazines -- the piles have grown too high around here.

I've stopped running in airports. The last time I ran (at O'Hare), I got to the gate just to see the plane sitting there but the gate closed. They wouldn't let me on and it still sat there for another 15 minutes. So. Not. Worth. It. However, I will run over to that Japanese site...


I threw out my shoulder the first time I played the Wii - and yes, I was bowling. Took a week to feel better.

No wonder we get along.


Hurray for new books! You'll have to go easy on the Wii bowling... :D


What, no palm trees? :-) I do love that last quilt shot, especially the hand shape at the bottom.


Ka-ching! I love your book recommendations. Will search out that Quilts Japan, too. Beat you to Quilt Mania. I love its French vibe, and all the weirdness that makes its way in.

I will avoid this Wii bowling. Sounds like it's more dangerous than hang-gliding.



The Material Obsession book arrived and it's great. Different from my impressions of their work from elsewhere (which were good, but different).

Thank you O Amazon Enabler.


I gave you an award. The text will be posted tomorrow morning at: http://artquiltmaker.com/blog/2009/03/proximidadeproximidade/. Love your blog. Thanks for your time and thought.

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