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February 02, 2009



Over 25 years ago, I lived in Misawa, Japan and taught on the US military base. Your post brought back so many wonderful memories. Thank you for sharing and for the photos.


What a wonderful time you had! I am loving your travelogue that you are sharing.


You both look so beautiful and happy! I'm so glad you chose to share with us! THANK YOU!


I had often seen Japanese ladies sitting like that but until today I had no idea that there was a special name for it. This was a wonderful post and I am so glad that you have shared this experience with us.
What wonderful memories you have made.



Thank you for sharing this special day with us! Love the pictures.


so interesting and LOVED seeing the pictures.
thanks for sharing your experiences while you were there.


How lovely! But honestly, the FIRST thing that crossed my mind when I saw the table was, OMG, my legs and feet would fall right asleep. Flashbacks of sitting on a marble floor at the local art museum for a brief concert a few years back, my child wondering why *I* kept squirming around.


Wow Jan. What an amazing experience. Thank you so much for sharing the pictures and the experience.


I can't fully express my gratitude to you for having shared this...I felt a little misty when you said it is probably the last tea ceremony you will attend with Molly - like she's graduated.
What a beautiful thing.

I thank you.


You and Molly look so lovely in kimonos. What a special event to be a part of!

Lazy Gal Tonya R

Molly is gorgeous and you both look so beautiful. how pathetic am I that I don't see clothing but just yardage? I would be permanently crippled if I attempted to sit that way - just couldn't happen.


Jan thank you SO much for sharing your trip, I have loved reading all about it, the photos are wonderful! What a trip! Is Molly still teaching over there? That's a fabulous job for a young person, getting to live and learn another culture up close like that. It's also great that there happens to be a quilt show too! :-) Their quilts are always so breathtaking! Loved seeing and reading!


That looks so lovely. I doubt I could last one minutes like that, then I'd embarrass myself. Jan, what are the little squares tucked into the kimono right at your chest? Are they on the kimono, or something tucked inside?


wow, what a nice post, and the little cushion looks like a life saver! Looks like we share the same interests! I loved living in Japan (Iwakuni) and loved doing this kind of thing w/the local Japanese ladies. The sitting is tough, I remember that too. Lovely blog!


So cool. SO COOL! How fortunate you are to have had this wonderful experience.


What a wonderful experience for you and Molly. I love that you are enjoying life continually.


I love these photos! The outfits are so beautiful and the whole ceremony looks like it would be so neat to take part in!


I always enjoy your posts from your Japan visits and this was no exception. You and Molly look beautiful! And that obi with the tree on it!!!

PS I've always had trouble sitting seiza too.


Oh, how wonderful. That looks like such a great time, so fun and educational, too. You and your daughter look gorgeous!

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