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November 07, 2008



I love your robot! He is completely adorable, what a lucky swap partner. And I agree, I am also somewhat on the fence about swaps. Have fun with those last boxes- I feel your pain!


Thanks for the quilt links. Did I tell you that my 16 year old daughter made her first (full size) quilt? It's gorgeous! I'm so proud. :)

Kristin L

Your robot turned out so cute!!

I love PCF's selection too and Kathy's blog. I still need to thin the stash a bit before I can justify ordering though.


That robot is so AWESOME!


The robot quilt is awesome: I wish I was your swap partner.


Your swap quilt is truly "out of this world." Forget the leaves; enjoy your guests!


Your swap quilt is adorable, Jan! Before I read the bit about piecing the head, I was thinking the very same thing--gee, that head had to be a pain in the, well, head to piece! ;-) And I see that your stash enhancements must be replacements for ones you used in the robot quilt--the colors would be perfect for a girl robot with that bit of pink thrown in. Yummy!


What a wonderful quilt. That robot is truly awesome.


Love your robot, nice work! The quilting is very cool too. I really like how well it matches the fabric you used. I saw the slide show by Jennifer too, and LOVE some of the quilts there. Wish I could have gone in person.


Absolutely beautiful! Your doll quilt came out beautifully :-).


Those are delicious fabrics! And thanks for the link to swap etiquette. I have mixed feelings about swaps but keep hoping for the best. And what a great little swap quilt you have made! Your swap partner will surely be happy. :)


Very nice, Jan! So fresh and alive. I agree about adding new fabrics to feed the stash. You picked out some cute ones.


Just adore your robot. You did a wonderful job around the head, I don't know if I have the patience to do miniature work like that. Too fiddly for me, I get all thumbs when it comes to minute pieces of fabric. So kudos to you for a beautiful little quilt which I'm sure will be well loved.

Ps. the fabrics are delicious!


I'm glad you persevered - the robot is adorable! Here's hoping you get all of your chores done and can relax before your guests arrive.


Thanks for the shout out Jan! I'm still a woozy from looking at the Yokohama quilts. So incredibly beautiful. Wow. I can always count on you for those fantastic links. Love the Robot!


The robot is fantastic! You sure got the hang of free piecing.

Tonya R

I love love love this quilt. You're forcing me to break out my Jedi powers: I am your swap partner - you will send this quilt to me!!!


That's one cute robot! He looks a bit lost and confused poor thing, but who wouldn't be with all those rockets swooshing around him :-) That border fabric is lovely, and the way you have continued the lines with your quilting is just perfect. Oh, to be your swap partner... But I have yet to enter a swap, so not this time at least.
Love those new fabrics too - it is important to feed the stash - mine is extremely well fed after this summer!

Cascade Lily

Your robot turned out great. Check mine out - just about to post him - I embroidered some of his 'head' details and used buttons for eyes. I foundation pieced my own design (which started off really complicated, and then became only moderately complicated!)

Enjoy your guests (and tidy house and yard after all that hard work you're about to do!)

mimi k

how exciting- your first project in the new house- it looks wonderful!


i love that little quilt! No surprise, I love everything you do. I like Pink Chalk Fabrics, too. She is great to do business with and wonderful to read.


I'm totally smitten with your little robot!


OMG that is adorable!! I LOVE that robot! And the fabric you used. Great job!


Oh. My. Gosh.
I think that's the cutest doll swap quilt I've ever seen. HOW CUTE!!!!


Really, REALLY cool. It's fun to light off in new directions, isn't it?

This piece is very inspiring to me. I have some...let's say congruent...fabrics and this robot/spaceship idea is such a super one.

Cherry Tree Lane

HOLY MOLY! So adorable!


Bravissima! Killing me!

Thanks to you I started hand quilting my swap Japanese houses today. Still not sure about these houses and not altogether happy with my choices or my piecing (they were harder than I thought they'd be), but we must do our best, hit our deadlines, and keep going. Trying to make up for any deficiencies by using favorite fabrics and telling myself that I'll nail the landing (the double fold binding, my area of expertise).

xo Kay


beautiful robot, and yes, kathy is one of the most wonderfully nice bloggers out there.
love the snap eyes!

boo on leaves. i can't believe the leaves we have this year!!!!


That robot is SO cute!!! I have been thinking baout robots a lot lately, and how many cool ways they could be crafted.
Super Fabuylous!!!!!

Scott at BlueNickelStudios

SUPER COOL Robot...hand quilted? even more spectacular, vintage rocket ships...wow!! That, well, rocks!! If this isn't for me, I think I want to arrange a private swap with you on one..he is phenomenal!


What a fun robot. I must confess, I'm a bit addicted to swaps, as it combines my love for quilting, shopping, chatting with friends, giving AND getting things in the mail! The trick is to find a swap with people of the same skill-level, and commitment.


So fun to find your site!


great to see you quilting (and knitting) again!!

gorgeous things too.


The quilting is so beautiful! It must have been a lot of fun to do. Take care.
PS: After a long time, I have finally been able to write a little about the Molas I was lucky to find in Panama. xo una

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