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November 21, 2008



That's too bad about the canceled visit but at least you found something fun to do instead.


The indigo blues are okay, but my fav's are the poison greens, chrome yellows and turkey reds. Those are just spectacular!


Wow! Thanks for the quilt pics. It looks like you're settling in to your new quit environment beautifully. Have fun with the muffins!


It's MUFFIN SEASON! Or is it the Muffin Holiday (trying to keep it as brief as possible for you)? Sounds like there have been lots of great things to do in your neck of the woods. I am mesmerized by Jo Morton's fabric and books. I succumbed recently to her latest book of charmers. I wouldn't have been able to hold out in person either. Love the quilts pictured. I was stopped dead in my tracks by some of Michiko Takakuwa's quilts a couple of years ago. Dumbfounded by all those hexagons! I believe I'm starting to come out of my quilty malaise. Today my head was beginning to cramp up with all the things I want to work on. Sadly, I had to spend the afternoon with 25 3rd graders, trying to get them to listen long enough to understand a little about levers. My head officially hurts.


Jan, those quilt adventures are so cool. I would do anything to see that Jo Morton talk. I think I will file away that border idea, too. Love it.


I was at Pacific International in October and saw the My Flower quilt. I believe she said her eye site was going....well I wonder why? I really didn't like the quilt that much...and couldn't believe she spent all that time hand sewing all those small pieces together. I wonder if she'll ever put it on a bed?


beautiful quilts thanks for sharing them with us


I nearly fell off my chair at the sight of that New York Beauty. That's absolutely my favorite quilt design, bar none, and I just love to see examples made with such idiosyncratic color choices. Those poison-y greens and yellows--very eccentric!! But in a good way...

And I guess I know a bit about eccentric color choices as I made a purple and orange NYB a few years back...


wow thats.........ummmmm, well what do you say? OMG :) im doing a quilt with hexagons and i think mine only has around 250 and it already driving me up the wall!! hehe


Awesome NYB and those colors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Love it. I heard the schaumberg show was very ill-attended this year..didn't get to go myself....the antique quilt lecture sounded very cool...wish I could have gone to that!
happy muffin-ing!

Tonya R

what great opportunities and lots of quilters in the area.. sounds like heaven.


Thank you for the little quilt show!


On the floor in awe of Michiko.

I love seeing what you see.

xo Kay


Wow, you have had lots of quilty goodness lately and here's more: you won my blogiversary prize! Those new blue fabrics you bought will go with what I'm sending you. I'm so glad you got to see Chris's quilt talk. She has quite an impressive collection of antique quilts. Happy Thanksgiving!


I saw that hexagon quilt in person and it blew me away. The amount of work there was totally crazy. I have no idea how somebody could complete that in a lifetime, let alone a year.


I was just checking in to see if there was any baking action going on over there! Are you still going to have time on Sunday night to talk?


Wow, that hexagon quilt makes my little one look positively pathetic. Thanks for sharing!


Jan, you'll have to send me an email. I didn't know you moved to the chicago area! I LOVE that one quilt you showed. I skipped the show this year because in the past it was sooooo bad.

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