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October 30, 2008



I love hand quilting you have done on that piece -- great how you extend the motif from the border into the quilt. Perhaps you could do a post on hand quilting -- I've never done it myself, but would love to try it!


Those mittens are soooo cute! I just found your blog and have added you to my list of must reads.


Oh, those mittens are fantastic! Radishes or strawberries, I don't care ... they're perfect.


I'm jealous of your closet space! We have 3 closets in my whole house. Sigh.
But really, your deadlines are all self-imposed. Everything will get done in time, I'm sure.


Oh, how I love the hand quilting you've done too! I've had a hankering to do some hand quilting for a while now and I think I will be doing some on my doll quilt swap project. I've been putting some decorative hand stitching on it so far and just really enjoy the hand stitched look...well, plus it's fun. Congrats on the PAIR of mittens! If it were me, I'd probably find myself with two left thumbs. They are lovely!


I have lots of closet but no basement, a different sort of challenge.
Love the quilting and the mittens.
You're scared me off the hand quilting with the bloody fingers story.


Nothing like perfectly executed, multi-colored, hand-knit mittens to disguise bloody fingers. You think of everything.

kristin L

Sweet gloves and I love your quilting!

Don't worry about the boxes -- they'll get emptied sooner or later. We've been in our new house over three months and just got both cars in the garage two days ago.


Love the motif in the handquilting. I have 40's style closets too.3 of them. Double deep which is not so handy(you have to remove contents to get to the back of them)
but they have a cool refrigerator-type-light-switch that turns the light off when you close the door!?
Hang in there with the house stuff...
I promise I won't drop by unannounced!;)


Totally adore these mittens! What wonderful colours! Glad you are getting back into the swing again of sewing.


Stunning mittens.


Such exquisite tiny little stitches! And I love that you are repeating the swirls from the rocket fabric.

Tonya R

Wheee, I love your handquilting. it's wonderful as is another hint of the quilt itself. sorry the moving in thing continues to be a drag. great mittens!

Cascade Lily

Well done on the hand quilting Jan! And I love how you extended the rocket tails out onto the white fabric. Love the mittens too...even with bloodied fingers!


The quilting looks fabulous. I love the swishes. The mittens are amazing!


Your quilting design looks darling. I have one walk-in closet that we can't walk into anymore. It has become a time capsule that will probably be unearthed after I'm gone.
So nice to see your work again.


You stay away from hand quilting only to come back and quilt like THAT??? It's perfect and even..even is one thing that plagues me the most.

LOVE the stitch pattern...it's perfect!


Hi, Just came into your blog and have to say i love those mittens!!


You make handquilting look so smooth and easy. And the mittens are fantastic.


I've been stopping by the doll quilt flickr site and can't believe the fabulous quilts some of you are giving away! Can't wait to see yours ~ design, fabrics, stitching ~ all are divine! Too bad about the bloody fingers. Mine have looked like ground beef after trying to meet a deadline. But keep at it and you'll soon develop callous.


Glad you're feeling reinspired! And I hope you find places for all your boxes - I know I hate having them sitting around after I move.

calamity kim

my fingers get bloody too! I often wonder how much of my DNA is getting swapped too!


Quilter's Dream batting is my mother's favorite to use, and mine, too! Isn't it just the best?

Ever since I discovered the Thimblelady (thimblelady.com), and met her at a quilt show to see her incredible quilts, thimbles and technique in person, I have never had a pricked finger. (And my quilting looks better, too)


Wow! Such talent!!


The gloves are beautiful! And hand quilting, I give you lots of credit. I've tried, but the bleeding fingers just take all the joy out of it. which is why I use crazy fabrics to make the quilt pop. Then I machine stitch in the ditch, usually in a spiral formation so that i don't have to worry abt crossing lines and causing puckers.


I hate unpacking, it is hard to see all that empty space cluttering up. I am ashamed to admit that a year or two after each house move I find larger and larger numbers of still unpacked boxes. Nowadays I try to be brave and accept that if they are unpacked after this length of time then I can probably live without them, but it's hard...

The mitts and quilting are both lovely.


Quilts looks beautiful, made we want to hand quilt again, it's been a LONG time! LOVE the mittens, you have me back in the saddle again, and in time for winter...off to start one tonight. What an inspiration you always are!


Love the way you've tied in the quilting motif with the fabric. I always enjoy your color choices and now it's a double treat: Your quilting and your color. Congratulations on your mittens - b*e*a*u*t*i*f*u*l!! They'll be perfect even after your fingers heal!

mary jane

Well done! finished mittens...so beautiful and cheerful. never mind the boxes...they become invisible...


Your mittens are beautiful!

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