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January 18, 2008



Stunning! Really. Both you and Jane Ann have given new life to this pattern.


you jinxed it...you do gorgeous things - and I hope you are feeling better!


I'm glad you're better and hope that the new plan with the house is just the thing to get it sold.


I'm glad to hear you're feeling better! At least being sick coincided with the house being off the market...


If you would like to join there is another English paper piecing group on flickr


You can show us pictures of this everyday and I won't get tired of it!! That is really clever how you lined those up for that picture. I was imagining sewing the solid color hexagons all the way around. I will file this tip away for future use....


I'm sorry to hear that you're sick. Hope you feel better soon.
I know what you mean about the hexagons. Yours are lovely though and I'm sure nobody's getting tired of seeing them
Mine are double flowers, so imagine how many solids I have to attach to each of those!

Jane Ann

Yep, with a double ring of flowers, it takes 8 extra hexies on a side. I thought for a while I was misunderstanding the directions. Yours is gorgey, m'dear.

I think taking it off the market and relisting is a good idea. Having just been through the buying process with DD#2, I noted a few folks doing that. After being disappointed twice, they bought one during the first 24 hours it was on the market, and made a full-price offer. It wasn't a relisted house, but it was found while trolling for "new listings." Good luck.


I'm sorry to hear you were sick..I guess that is considered forced down time...not the kind we would like. Show your hexagons as often as you want, they are so cheery. You would be surprised how many new readers don't go back and read a lot of old posts right away so they didn't know you had ever posted it.


Sorry to hear your sick, hope you are well on the road to mending. The GFG is really turning out beautiful! Makes me want to start one!I am still working on quilting my sister-in-law's Mother's quilt,(5 years now) I will never finish that one, so I better not start another! Feel better...


Glad you're feeling better -- I hope next week is more fun!


Oh, sorry about the sickness, and the house drama! You deserve a nice, quiet weekend. The hexagons are great.


good luck with round 2 of the house listing. I really feel for you. it's such a tough market.

your gfg quilt blocks are outstanding.

Tonya R

Wow, these blocks look fantastic. So sorry you're under the weather, but fingers crossed for the house sale.


These look terrific! I am motivated to post a photo of my red hot progress - thanks!


Hope you're feeling better and that the new listing does the trick.


your quilt is coming along lovely. i love the colours


Feel better soon.


Good luck with the house sale in February. You never know ...
Good to hear you're better :)


Well, I don't think it is boring to see the same project over and over. *I* love to see the progress and be reminded of what you are working on. Your photos are so wonderful that I enjoy the feast for the eyes. Keep up the good work and hope you feel better soon.


My sister had the worst realtor, no sale on the horizon...then one day a new person called to say did she know her MLS listing had gone off. She did not know. They waited 2 weeks, got a few things fixed, upped the price and offered help with the closing costs and it sold the next week.


I love your bright hexagons. Mine continue to drag on - will it ever be finished?


Just ran across your blog for the first time today and you have helped me with my dilemia!! I have a grandmother's garden afgghan started and in a box. I have been wondering how to put them together and with the addition of 5 black pieces or in my case white and off white it will totally help my small efforts on this afghan! I wish I had as many flowers completed as you do! I think I have 13-15. Thanks again for the helpful picture!

joanne S

Sorry you were sick but glad you had some messy house time.

When I needed to sell my house pronto I emptied all the closets and painted everything linen white (I would use a less yellow white now) and then I "set designed" the rooms. I made the small 4th bedroom into a charming child's room with a cute quilt, little ragged stuffed toy tossed on the bed--it looked so sweet. The realtor told me "lookers" would stand in the doorway and just sigh!

I don't think the house has to look perfectly neat. Let it looked lived in, book open on the couch where you read, a basket of mail (no bills) on the table. Some vegetables and a cutting board and knife on the kitchen counter. I called it "playing house" and loved every minute. Try it next time. And have some sewing under the presser foot of the machine. Trust me! Think of your favorite magazine layouts and try to create them in your house.


I too have a GFG that I've been working on at times. It was a project that my daughter started when she wanted to quilt a few years ago. Alas, she and quilting didn't connect. It is all stars and moons and planets fabric in mostly blues and yellows. I have been hesitating putting it together because I just didn't like it that much. But your solid outlines are stunning. I may need to take another look at my project.


hoping you enjoy the recovery and keep the little things at bay long enough to feel better. houses, love 'em, then not so much. craft...always! love your papercuttings. always such fun to tinker with simple materials that way. xoC


Back to the drawing board with the housing market then. I'm telling you -- the right person is going to be so lucky to have your home. One can only imagine it is cared for with the grace you show in your craft photos.


Love your hexagons! I started a small, practice project that you've inspired me to get out and finish. I also have an almost bed-sized unfinished GFG top that I inherited from my mom that I intend to finish someday....


I just love coming here! Please let us know what happens with your sewing machine. Mine is just beginning to die and I want to do more machine quilting this year too.

Good luck with the house. I'd love to know what you do to it before you put it back on the market. It's a good idea to freshen it up a little before re-listing.


Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well, but, as it is it sounds like your on the mend! For future info, a little Vic's vaporrub on a cotton ball or even some tissue and inserted into the ear does wonders for an earache! Also for a stuffy head. I do it over night and feel much better!
Who would have thought that just 5 pieces could make such a difference on the quilt! So, cute! Still loving the colors! Keep up the good work! You deserve a bit of a reprieve for a while... maybe you need to watch one of those T.V. shows on what to do to get your house sold? Good luck!

Janet Wermel

I just stumbled onto your blog. I'm a quilter, too, but what caught my eye is the reference to a Latvian mitten pattern. I live in Colorado, USA and my husband is of Latvian descent. (the only one of his siblings to be born in the USA.) Are you Latvian? I didn't find a profile on you.


oh i hope you are soon feeling perfect jan... earache! ugh. that is miserable. but those bright flowers against that black ground are simply eye popping. feel better soon!

gray la gran

i love the progress pictures ... especially since this kind of piecing is so foreign to me, and totally inspirational.
get to feeling better soon so you can dive into the stash again :)


These are gorgeous with the black setting. I'm always so impressed when people do GM's Flower Gardens. And Happy Birthday Late! (i feel the same way abt bdays:-)

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