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January 11, 2008



Wow! Amazing!


Beautiful! Destined for fabric applique or for paper crafts? My paper cutting thesse days is limited to the cyber version--those virtual paper snowflake sites online.


Love it! I have been interested in papercutting since someone mentioned it to me last year -- well they mentioned scherenschnitte and I had no idea what it was so I started researching. I even checked some books out from the library last month -- but of course they were abandoned in the shuffle of the holidays and I had to return them before I got a chance to play. This is the year of "doing" though, so I think this weekend I'll join the bandwagon!


Gorgeous! Makes me want to try it too!


Very pretty! I have also been interested in paper cutting, kirigami and paper folding. I should get back into some of that too.....even if only to use up some of the pretty papers I have purchased!




I LOVE that Jan! The paper cuts that I've been lately around have been really inspiring. There seems to be a new interest in all things paper -- I've also liked reading about making books.


Beautiful... At this January gallery walk there was an artist's studio open with wonderful old style black on white silouttee paper cut-outs with modern subjects. wish I wrote down the name...


Beautiful! I may have to try my hand at this.

Diane B.

An art teacher, eh? Well, that explains a lot! I've been intrigued by Scherenschnitte for years. Many years ago at an antique show, I came across a tiny papercut design of woodsy animals. It was very expensive and I've always regretted not buying it, since it haunts me to this day.


It's very beautiful, and your post was very interesting ... Always inspiring :)

Dorothee Klein

Scherenschnitte or paper cuttings used to be all the rage in my childhood. My cousins' profiles were immortalised by a paper cutter once and I thought that was the best picture ever. Oh, the memories ...


Wow! YOu did that in 45 minutes? It's beautiful and I can see it translated into an applique block in a heartbeat.

I've also noticed the proliferation of paper cuts. There's a beautiful one on the cover of a book I read in the fall - The Book of Lost Things. Keep cutting!


beautiful!!! makes me want to try it as well. :)


That is truly magnificent!


Absolutely beautiful! I did something like this once. Have to try and find it now that I see yours. You should frame it!

the homely year

That's so pretty...It must take such skill. And I thought making snow flakes was difficult!
Margaret and Noreen


Oh, wow. That's gorgeous!


once an art teacher, always! i love these jan. you simply amaze me... they are lovely hearts!


This is amazing. I would love a copy of this pattern to cut out of freezer paper to use in quilt applique! Feel free to email me one! In any case, your work is beautiful.

melissa f.

i love it. especially the thistle (?) at the top. this would be such a good freezer paper stencil.


next time, take a photo of your sketch so I can guess how I can do something similar! :-)

it's just so beautiful! what a great paperartcraft thing!

amy k.

so good!!!! I love this!!


That is so gorgeous!

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