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November 18, 2007



So funny I just posted a recipe for pumpkin muffins! Lovely napkins!


Mmm... gingerbread...


I have been craving all things gingerbread! Thank you for the recipe, I'll have to give it a whirl.

Happy Thanksgiving, Jan!


YUM! Thanks for the recipe, Jan -- I think I'll try these on Thursday monring. Have a safe drive and Happy Thanksgiving!!


Those sound so good and I can see why they would make your house smell wonderful. Safe travels! Happy Thanksgiving.


the towels are groovy lol and i cant wait to use your recipes to make muffins on saturday thank you for shareing.


it's a good thing I can't read Japanese, or I'd be in big trouble with those pears...


gorgeous!!!! I love those designs... My husband is in Japan now.. but can you believe he has not one minute free to do shopping? Next year I'm planning to go with him...

I better start saving now!


The muffins sound delicious, the napkins divine. Those pear ones, swoon.
I would like to see the Bemused muffin breakfast in action.


I love the kabocha towels!! I really wish i could get japanese pumpkin down here in my neck of the woods. The chinese market near Boston has it of course, but I never bother to make the drive just for pumpkin..

thanks for the recipe, I actually have all the ingredients on hand so I might try it soon.

p.s. i have no will power these days so i didn't let myself click the links. I will go back to them one day though.


Tenugui! I never even thought about using them in any other way than just as towels as they were meant to be in Japan. Yeah! I could make napkins! Hey that little dog is so cute. I could stablize it someway (the weave is a little loose usually) and even use it in patchwork. Thanks for giving me food for thought!


Gingerbread AND pretty fabric? I think maybe you need some help packing. Like me packing away those muffins and towels...


Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving!!


O Jan. Janjanjanjanjan.

When you have a spare moment (I am willing to wait), I need to learn how to buy tenugui. I love them. I long to cut them up and sew them back together. They are the bomb. I knew them not before I clicked on that link of yours.

O Jan.

You have a lot to answer for already. And now this.

xo Kay

Cherri House

Those pears remind me of some fabric we saw at quilt market by a japanese company - they had the most amazing fabric. Thanks for the recipe. Happy Thanksgiving!

Sue in western WA

{sigh} I miss muffins. Do you suppose substituting soy milk, fake egg powder and just the tiniest bit of cane juice in place of the sugar and molasses would work? (Somehow I doubt it.)

Hope your Thanksgiving was joyous.


Thanks for this reciepe ! And the fabrics are really lovely.


excellent muffins, although I overbaked them just a bit... I like the amount of ginger!

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